How Are Games Able to Pump the Human Brain?

Playing games on a computer, laptop and mobile is a popular source of enjoyment and fun these days. With the advancement of gaming technology, the graphics, visuals, and overall appeal of the games are quite engaging and engrossing. One can spend hours in front of the screen and enjoy a simulation gaming experience.

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Coming to the topic “How Are Games Able To Pump The Human Brain?”. Contrary to the popular belief that gaming results in so many harmful effects, researchers say otherwise. Video games have many benefits for the human brain and improve mental health. We must mention that harmful effects like addiction, aggression, and depression are a result of excessive gaming; however, if played in moderation, gaming offers benefits related to cognitive abilities, emotional health, and social life, etc.

Given below are some benefits that can be taken by playing the games, and you can pump the human brain. 

Boost Your Memory

Do you know that playing games can improve your memory? Yes, some studies and research show how playing games can help in improving memory. Studies show that playing video games brings in functional changes in some regions of the brain responsible for attention or visual-spatial skills, which eventually helps in better retention and improving memory. In fact, research by a Spain’s University even states that one’s cognitive abilities can develop years after when one stops gaming.

  • Can Improve Your Eyesight

Now, this might come as a surprise to you, but the fact is that the gamers who play action games develop a better contrast sensitivity. According to Daphne Bavelier, professor of brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester, those who are proficient in action gaming can spot detailed differences in contrast 58 percent better than others. Further, she has mentioned that usually contrast sensitivity can be improved only through the use of glasses or eye surgery. However, action video games tune the brain in such a way that they can process the graphics in a much better way. 

However, one should not spend too much time on the screen as it can impact eyesight. Make sure that you wear glasses while playing video games and maintain the right distance from the screen. 

  • Improves Multitasking in Older Adults

Older people are unable to multitask as they age. The good news is that with gaming, they can improve their mental abilities and succeed in multitasking. Research headed by neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley of the University of California, San Francisco, revealed that the NeuroRacer game can improve the ability to multitask in the older generation and helps them do daily activities better. Gaming helps them focus better, toggle between tasks, and sharpens their memory.


Apart from the above-discussed benefits on the human brain, gaming also helps to relax the mind and improve mood and positive emotions, as per several studies. So, we can conclude that gaming does positively impact your brain, but one must be careful with the number of hours they dedicate to the games. 

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