Fox News Mission Statement Analysis

Fox News Mission Statement
Fox News Mission Statement

Rupert Murdoch and Roger Alies founded the Fox News Channel in 1996. The main vision of the Fox News Channel is to provide an all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. Fox News Channel is operated under the Fox Entertainment Group.

Fox distributes the content across the traditional and digital media through different brands, such as Fox News Media, Fox Entertainment, Fox Television Stations, and Fox Sports. Their target is to bring different communities together through their ‘appointment-based content. 

FOX News Mission Statement 

FOX News mission statement is “We believe continuing to provide compelling news, sports and entertainment programming across platforms will increase audience engagement and drive growth across our distribution, affiliate, and advertising relationships.” Their mission is also to “give people the simple pleasure of being transported by a story on a screen.” 

So, it is clearly stated in their mission statement that Fox News focuses on their entertainment programs, sports, and news to engage more audiences. Through this mission, they can distribute their news worldwide and drive substantial growth in their distribution, affiliate, and advertising relationships. Fox is a mission-driven organization with a clear sense of purpose.

Fox News is also investing its time and capital in the digital news segment. They have made additional investments in Fox News Media to increase their FOX Nation subscription video-on-demand (“SVOD”) services. It is a part of the Fox Business suite. 

Fox News has also collaborated with the Stars Groups, which Flutter Entertainment owns, and they have launched the free-to-play game FOX Bet Super 6 and FOX Bet wagering app in 2020. To make their channels wider in digital media, Fox News has acquired Tubi, which offers AVOD services. Tubi helps Fox to reach a wider digital audience through its rich content. 

Fox News Vision Statement

However, Fox News vision statement is to provide scalable and rich content through storytelling to their audiences, and they want to achieve substantial growth in digital media. They have launched games and digital subscription-based channels to interact with larger audiences worldwide.

Fox Sports and Fox News have earned huge success in sports, politics, and entertainment. Along with some live sports events. They have added some prime-time entertainment in their channels, including entertainment series and prominent programs hosted by the local broadcasting stations.

Fox News always tries to maintain the quality of their content, which brings maximum affiliate fees and advertising sales to the company.

Fox News Core Values

Fox News core values stated that they value their audiences, employees, partners, and stakeholders by delivering unique and rich content through storytelling.  Fox corporation thrives on creativity, operational expertise, and strategic mindset.

A Few of the activities taken by Fox News Community are stated below:

  • 85,000 pounds of food collected by Fox employees through their Holiday Campaign from local food banks and 260,000 toys are donated to foster children and military families.
  • Back in Game is an initiative taken by Fox Sports to restrict the spread of COVID-19.
  • Fox Entertainment provides complete support to real-life heroes, and they have donated to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. 
  • 100% educational scholarships provided by Fox News to the disabled service members of the company. 

Fox News has taken proper precautions for their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic period, and they have celebrated local heroes through their channels. They have raised and donated millions of dollars and resources to showcase their corporate social responsibility in their philanthropic activities. They have partnered with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for meal preparation and donation, and they offer additional company-sponsored medical insurance to their employees. 


Fox News mission and vision are clear about its aim to provide compelling news and entertainment and, at the same time, it believes in doing charity. Fox News envisions to grow further.

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