Ford Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Ford’s mission statement is to drive human progress through the freedom of movement. The company has always focused on getting the world moving by the production of vehicles for human transportation.

Ford’s mission statement explained:

Drive human progress: Ford is a purpose-driven company that seeks to put people first involving customers, employees, partners, and communities. Through innovation and technology applied to everything the company produces, it is committed to contributing to humanity in the way it needs. The brand is always trying to improve people’s lives and the way they do things.

Through the freedom of the movement: The brand was built on the concept that the freedom of movement drives progress. Vehicles are made to provide a safer, more confident, and a freer way to move. Ford believes that the automobile has disrupted human life by giving people an extraordinary new freedom to travel greater distances and go further and further.

In 1908, Ford’s T Model became the first mass-produced automobile on a moving assembly line and since then, it has manufactured more than 350 million vehicles worldwide. The company offered the first massive car helping create the middle class.

Now, the same idea that guided the company throughout its history has mutated into a new form of freedom: smart vehicles in a smart word. The company considers the environment of cities is not helping to the freedom of movement because of the air quality and congestion.

This is why the company is committed to fighting for smart roads, smart parking, and smart transportation systems. It sees a future of zero-emissions without abandoning the freedom to move around.


Ford Motor Company is a multinational car manufacturer that was started by Henry Ford in 1903 with a staff of 10 people. Now it has thousands of employees and delivers a wide variety of mobility choices. Ford makes money by providing new transportation solutions to customers worldwide.

Throughout its history, it has produced iconic vehicles such as Model T, Continental, Mustang, F-series, and Bronco. has also ventured into the production of airplanes, radios, refrigerators, postal machines, weather satellites, and medical supplies.

Despite the brand was the only company that consumers could purchase cars in the early 1900s, Ford Motors is not a monopoly anymore. Ford’s competitors are General Motors, Toyota, Daimler, Honda, Tesla Motors, Navistar International, and Spartan, to mention just a few.

Besides the US and Canada, where it started operating during the first year, it has locations 125 countries around the world. In 2019, it generated revenues for $155.9 billion.

Ford’s business model was established in 2008 as “One Ford”, a comprehensive plan that addresses selling a wide variety of vehicle models around the globe as opposed to the previous model where some models were only designed for local markets.

Vision statement

Ford’s vision statement is Creating Tomorrow, Together. The company believes that freedom of movement drives human progress and it creates smart vehicles for a smart world to solve both today’s and tomorrow’s mobility challenges.

In the last years, Ford has rethought its value add as a company and assumed a role in the use of innovative and disruptive technology aiming to make a better world. It relies on connectivity, automation, electrification, and data sharing to change the business of mobility.

The company is committed to offering different electrified vehicle models for its most popular nameplates and it is participating in initiatives to create a large charging network to make EV ownership more accessible.

It has also managed to transform its business culture to make it fitter and more agile to build trusted and essential products which, at the same time, are good for the planet.

Core values

Ford’s core values comprise:

  • Put People First
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Be Curious
  • Create Tomorrow
  • Built Ford Tough
  • Play to Win
  • One Ford

The company considers that its background, experience and beliefs not only define its people as individuals but they also enhance their efforts in delivering vehicles that improve all aspects of life.

Ford has established a set of “truths”, in other words, the values that guide the company on how they live, act, and communicate. They keep them focused on the important things.

Put People First: Ford cares about what people need or what drives human progress. People include their customers, employees, partners, and communities.

Do the Right Thing: People trust the brand so they are committed to acting with integrity and transparency. They foster safe and inclusive workplaces which create the freedom to work in the best possible way.

Be Curious: It means approaching the world and each other with interest and wonder. They are open to learning from every situation, think critically and actively question to understand.

Create Tomorrow: They work to achieve meaningful change today to improve the future. They solve problems with creativity, accepting risks and experimenting.

Built Ford Tough: It is about accepting challenges and overcome them in a confident way, with courage and optimism. They seek for disruption.

Play to Win: Ford is in the business to create value focusing on competitive fitness, efficiency, and agility. They make quality decisions that seek to deliver excellence.

One Ford: This core value is related to building networks and partners without boundaries. They accept contributions and work together as one team. They like calling it a family.


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