Fenty Beauty Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Fenty Beauty is a makeup brand whose first cosmetics products were launched in 2017. The popular singer, Rihanna, is the founder and CEO of the company. It is best for its Pro Filt’R foundation, which consists of a wide variety of skin tones. Since Fenty Beauty cosmetics have nearly 50 shades of tones, many consider it to be an eye-opening invention, including Time magazine. You can purchase the products either online or in an associated store.

But will those products be suitable for you? The Fenty Beauty mission and vision definitely nod a yes! Rihanna launched this cosmetics line in an effort to reach out to all women, regardless of their color or skin tone. Fenty Beauty is starkly different from other makeup products in the sense that it doesn’t intend to make you fairer or darker. It wants you to be happy with your original skin tone.

Fenty Beauty Mission Statement

Fenty Beauty mission statement says that it was created… “so that women everywhere would be included.” Its products have transformed the meaning of cosmetics and makeup. Back in the day, makeup was generally used to make a person look fairer. However, Rihanna hopes that with exhaustive skin tones in her makeup collection, people will only use the product to embellish their beauty, not alter the color of their skin.

As mentioned earlier, with over 50 shades of foundations and concealers, Fenty Beauty has indeed managed to include women from every corner of the world. Mission accomplished? Not quite! The company’s, and in turn Rihanna’s, thirst for crossing boundaries, breaking traditions, and smashing stereotypes continues to grow.

With the launch of all-gender inclusive cosmetics, the company seems to have steered away from its original mission. The revised Fenty Beauty mission statement should be, “so that people everywhere would be included.” Developing universal shades made way for gender comprehensive products, thus improving the company’s mission, as its products add to your beauty.

Fenty Beauty Vision Statement

Fenty Beauty vision statement is, “to inspire. Makeup is there for you to have fun with.” The company’s cosmetics line inspires true beauty by enhancing the existing one. However, its vision shows that it doesn’t always target a serious, social cause. It also prompts you to have fun with the Fenty Beauty products! After all, makeup can be used to experiment with your appearance as well. Let that rebellious little girl, buried deep in your subconscious, out!

There is another Fenty Beauty vision statement that can be seen in its tagline: beauty for all. It is almost the same as its mission statement. Only here, the gender isn’t specified, and rightly so given their excellent and varied range of products.

Fenty Beauty Core Values

There aren’t multiple Fenty Beauty core values, only one, “Exclude no one.” Simple, straightforward, and direct. It reiterates the Fenty Beauty mission and vision in different words. Here again, gender isn’t specified. It clearly states that the company and its products should include everyone, leaving no one out.