The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide For Beginners

Do you know that around 57% of the world population use social media platforms today? 

 The stats indicate how social media is invading our lives. Today, many businesses are growing with the help of social media marketing, and they are using different kinds of platforms like Facebook.
As per the 2018 report by Eмarketers, around 86% of US marketers use Facebook to promote their brands. There are around 2.80 billion monthly active Facebook users. With such statistics and reach, Facebook Marketing has become an important tool today for all sizes and types of business.  

You, too, can benefit from this by creating a business Facebook page and promoting it. With a professional Facebook growth service, you can increase your fan base and enhance Facebook presence and reach. Study this Facebook Marketing Guide to know how you can get a competitive edge. 

Make a Creative Facebook Page 

The first thing that you need to do is to create a Facebook page to garner attention. You can present yourself as a company or community, or public figure. This page would be like an introduction about who you are and the purpose of the page. It is this information that will create your first impression on Facebook users.

Focus on content and strategy

If you want to make your brand popular, you need to understand your target audience and post engaging and interesting content to get Likes, Views, and Shares. You must also observe what your competitors are doing and devise your Facebook Marketing strategies accordingly. Moreover, try to add regular posts on your Facebook page at peak hours. Make your content visually appealing with photos, stickers, interesting backgrounds, and music. 

Going Live is in trend

The best way to interact with your followers is by going Live. This new feature of Facebook allows you to interact and exchange information with your followers and prospective people Live. If you haven’t done it yet, then you must give it a shot. You can do Facebook Live on queries about your products, take interviews, do a product launch, generate sales and so much more.

Use Facebook ads to your advantage

Using Facebook ads service is important because a very less percentage of your followers get to see your business-related posts on Facebook due to the new algorithm update. Facebook gives posts from family and friends better visibility than business posts. This is why smart marketers (over 80%) use Facebook ads to enhance reach. Running a targeted Facebook campaign is the best way to see the results you want by retargeting the same people and finding new leads at the same time. The best part is the analytics they offer that help track how your ads are doing by studying the metrics.

Connect with your customers using Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger is not just for connecting with friends and family; businesses are using it for providing customer service. There are useful features like reply automation with bots and templates to communicate professionally and on time. You can use it to solve queries and send reminders and enhance the customer satisfaction quotient.   

Monitor and respond to comments

To build a bond and have a loyal customer base, Facebook allows you to keep a tab on user comments via the “Notifications” tab. Responding to every comment may not be possible. However, ignoring comments, especially the negative ones, will put your business in a bad light. So always respond suitably and sometimes randomly. Also, knowing what the users are saying about the product or service can help in better future planning. Take constructive criticism in stride to improve your products and services.


Facebook allows you to beat the competition and reach your target audience effectively. With this Facebook marketing guide, you can make the most of Facebook to scale your business and widen its reach. 

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