FAA Mission Statement

faa mission statement

The Federal Aviation Administration, popularly known as FAA, was created in 1958 after an airplane accident at Grand Canyon in 1956. FAA is the largest transportation agency in the U.S in charge of regulating civil air transportation to eliminate accidents in the U.S.
To regulate airline fares and prevent airplane accidents, president Franklin Roosevelt has created the Civil Aeronautics Act in 1938. The act also determined the routes of airplanes. This act allowed the FAA to manage, control, and supervise the safety of airlines and the usage and functioning of the American airspace. They are supposed to oversee both military and civilian airplanes.

faa mission statement

 FAA Mission Statement

FAA mission statement is “Our continuing mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.” The FAA mission statement signifies that the organization is dedicated to ensuring the safe and streamlined functioning of the US aviation system.  

The primary aim of the FAA is to ensure the safety of air passengers, both military personnel and civilians. They promise to ensure that airway passengers reach their destination safely. The mission statement also highlights the efficacy of the aerospace system and makes it the best in the world.

Everything that FAA does is related to providing the safest and efficient aviation system across the U.S. To ensure that its mission is fulfilled, FAA enforces regulations on all civil airlines. As per its strategic mission for 2019-2022, FAA wants to:

  1. Ensure utmost safety in the civil aviation and commercial space transportation system.
  2. Improvise the aviation sector by investing in its infrastructure.
  3. Follow an innovative approach by implementing new technologies.
  4. Serve the nation efficiently while aiming to achieve this.

FAA Vision Statement  

faa vision statement

The FAA vision statement says, “We strive to reach the next level of safety and efficiency and to demonstrate global leadership in how we safely integrate new users and technologies into our aviation system. We are accountable to the American public and our aviation stakeholders.”

Similar to the FAA mission, the above vision statement also highlights that the agency wants to ensure a safe and seamless aerospace system. Both the FAA mission and vision statement signify creating a functional and infallible aviation system to ensure the safety of the passengers. 

In addition to ensuring the safety of the passengers, it also wants to emerge as a leader in aviation safety through its next-generation aviation system. Whether it is about integrating new users or making use of advanced technologies, FAA aims to set a high benchmark for the world.

As per the above vision statement, FAA is also responsible towards stakeholders and the American people and can be questioned. The scope and role of the work of FFA is to ensure the management of air traffic, set standards of airports, and certify aircraft and its staff. The FAA’s vision also strives to minimize and eliminate air traffic accidents across the U.S. and set the best example across the world.  

FAA Core Values

FAA Core values are to be fair in its conduct and be honest and transparent with customers and stakeholders. Here are the main core values of FAA

  • Passenger safety is foremost for FAA. 
  • Achieving excellence through professionalism and transparency. 
  • FAA is accountable for everything they do.
  • Performing its role with honesty, integrity, and high ethics. 
  • FAA values its people and is committed to them. 
  • FAA’s signature is innovation to provide futuristic solutions. 


FAA was created to ensure the safety of passengers on board. Both FAA mission and vision aim to ensure airlines and passenger safety through efficient functioning of the aviation system. Hence, they work towards creating innovative aviation solutions to ensure perfect aviation management and safety. 

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