Etsy Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Etsy mission statement is “to keep human connection at the heart of commerce.” The emphasis of human connection reveals the uniqueness of all the items that the company offers to its clients especially in the modern mechanized sector. The statement has the following components:

  1. Preserving human connection
  2. Distinguished quality

By ‘preserving human connection’ Etsy means promoting the early ways of creating products. The company is a rare type of business in the contemporary era that supports and encourages creativity. It does this by providing a global platform where individuals can showcase their artistic tendencies through antique items. Etsy, therefore, brings the market closer to them. Some of the products are in the home and living category, toys and entertainment, as well as art and collectibles among others. In this way, the company encourages them to design better and intriguing pieces for yearning customers.


Etsy is a one-of-a-kind type of business founded in 2005 in the U.S. The firm is renowned for its vintage products and craft items. All the goods from the different categories at Etsy are handmade with a minimum of 20 years. The mission and vision statements of this company show how important it is for Etsy to uphold its reputation as a leading player in this industry. That is why it emphasizes on quality.

A corporate vision statement is important because it gives a company a growth direction. For Etsy, its focus is to grow into a global enterprise. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement provides the technicalities of spurring growth within a company. The mission statement of Etsy indicates the importance of appreciating the human touch in this business rather than over-relying on automation. The core values adopted by this company further increases its pace of growth towards the set vision.

Vision Statement

Etsy corporation is yet to publish an official vision statement on its website. The company states that it strives to maintain its status as a global marketplace for all the creative items it showcases.

Reaching out to a wider market is crucial as it makes Etsy an ambassador of the great ideas enshrined in the handcrafted treasures.

Core Values

Etsy core values include “commitment to craft, minimize waste, embrace differences, dig deeper, and lead with optimism.” The company also calls these its guiding principles.

Their influence in the development of this company is certain, as they stimulate a supportive and change minded commerce.


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