Why Comments Are An Essential Part of Social Media Success?

Social media have become a popular tool to interact and engage with customers. People use several platforms like Pinterest, Linked In, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for promoting brands and products. Meanwhile, there are social media marketing companies that offer Pinterest growth services, Instagram growth services, and YouTube services, etc. for social media promotion and attracting more publicity.

There are several ways to enhance social media presence, such as nice pictures, wonderful animations, interesting videos, engaging content, and so on. Positive comments act as a testimony of the success of the campaign on social media. Therefore, comments are an essential ingredient for social media success. So let’s explore their nature and the benefits you may obtain using them.

They help boost sales & business growth 

Most customers like to check reviews on social media platforms before investing in any product or availing of a service. People also keep a close watch on the comments to know different opinions. Businesses cannot ignore social media discussions and comments, as they are equally important as positive reviews and ratings. Around 60% of customers would reconsider their purchase decision after reading negative comments. Thus, companies need to ensure that people are talking in a good manner about their brand and products. Responding to the customers’ comments can boost your business or brand as people see the company in a positive light. 

The negative comments, on the other hand, are feedback for improvement, while the positive ones keep you motivated and help the business grow. By creating more engaging content, it becomes easier for you to push your brand ahead in the market. 

You should know the opinions of existing and potential customers 

Comments, clicks, likes, and shares are part of social media engagement. When a company promotes its brand on social media, it is looking to get the maximum of likes and shares. While the number of likes shows the reach, the number and type of user comments show how well the consumer has responded to your post. Hence, focusing on the comment section becomes paramount. 

Businesses these days keep track of users’ comments to know what their target audience feels and thinks about them. This observation helps them in future planning and product improvements. Companies also take the help of online surveys and polls to enhance engagement and know their audience better. 

Establish a bond with the target audience

Never ignore customers’ comments. In fact, show that you care about your viewers or customers by replying to comments suitably. This helps in establishing a personal connection with the customer. This is especially true in the case of negative comments. 

If someone has expressed his dislike or has any grievances, the company must ensure that it clears its stand and assures the customer of a quick solution. If you reply suitably, you will get support from other viewers or users, and your brand will get more attention. You must express gratitude and appreciation when someone replies positively. In case someone asks for certain information like price or anything else, do make it a point to respond.

Some examples are “Thank you for encouraging words!”; “We are glad you liked our products/services.; “We are always there to serve you.”, etc. You can also use hashtags like #happytoknow; #thankyou; #grateful, etc.


Interacting with users on social media via comments is essential and useful in many ways, as discussed. You will get a better response from the customers if you reply to the comments. You can also sell your products or services by answering the queries of potential buyers. It shows that you care about your customers. Comments also help to identify the gaps and improve services or products. These are some key benefits of comments that will help a company get a better conversion rate and enhance brand visibility.

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