Equifax Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Equifax mission statement is “to serve our customers by utilizing information and technology that provide real-time answers to increasingly complex questions.” The statement focusses on elements of leadership together with exceptional services for the clients. It has the following components:

  1. Distinguished services
  2. Improving lives

As a data-driven company, Equifax recognizes the importance of implementing a stable and breach-proof system to protect the information of individuals and businesses. The corporation also goes the extra mile to use this information for the benefit of the consumers. One of the major ways that it uses it to improve the lives of its customers include the provision of fraud prevention and credit monitoring services. 


The mission and vision statements of Equifax show a company with a unique understanding of its growth direction. Their emphasis on transparency and diligence while handling the information that the company aggregates are evidence of how experienced this firm is in the dynamic consumer credit industry. As an agent, Equifax has earned a repute as a top player, having been in the business for over a century since 1899. Corporate statements have become critical in the running of business due to their role in the development process.

A corporate vision statement, for instance, sets an achievable future target, while a corporate mission statement establishes strategies for achieving the objective. In this case, the vision statement of Equifax underscores the duty of the company to demonstrate leadership in its work. The mission statement advances the same concept while emphasizing the need for applying dynamic and secure strategies to run the business of the firm. The core values of Equifax are additional tools that contribute to its dominance in the industry as they work together with the mission and vision statements.

Vision Statement

Equifax vision statement is “to be the global leader in information solutions that creates unparalleled insights to solve customer challenges.” The company shows that it:

  1. Leads in information solutions
  2. Cares about customers

The company prioritizes in using its data analytics and technology to create impactful insights from simple knowledge. In this way, it helps its consumers to make better credit decisions. The corporate pledges of this company also affirm that the management places the interests of its customers ahead of other objectives in the company.

Core Values

Equifax core values include “collaborations and knowledge.” These core values create a culture where everyone works to support the growth of the other. The company caring about the customers, while all other stakeholders contributing to the progress of the company through knowledge.


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