eBay Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

ebay mission statement and vision statement analysis

eBay’s mission statement is “to be the world’s favorite destination for discovering great value and unique selection.” The statement highlights the desire of the company when it comes to strategizing itself as a dependable and credible trading platform for its users. It has the outlined characteristics:

  1. Global presence
  2. Distinguished services

Progressive growth and comprehensive coverage emerge as the top priorities for eBay in this component of the mission statement. To have a global influence,eBay has adopted a branding that popularizes what the company does. It adds to this by incorporating a variety of affiliate companies that make its global presence even more widespread. eBay also stands out due to the variety of products it avails through its platform, together with their quality as shown by the second component of its mission statement.


eBay is without a doubt a success story courtesy of its mission and vision statements. The company has managed to position itself as a leading business facilitator between different players such as “consumer to consumer” through its online business approach.

A mission statement reveals the strategic methods that a business uses to grow, while a vision statement sets the growth path that the firm follows. In the case of eBay, the vision statement shows how the company would want to impact commerce industry through its business approaches, while its mission statement is to position itself as a global destination of choice for all its users.

The mission and vision statements adopted by eBay works closely with the core values of the company such as family and teamwork. Together, these have transformed eBay to the mega-company it is today. And nowadays, both big and small eBay competitors seek inspiration from its mission and vision statement.

HEADQUARTERS San José, California
STATUS Public Independent Company of NYSE

Vision Statement

eBay’s vision statement is “our vision for commerce is one that is enabled by people, powered by technology, and open to everyone.” The statement brings out the leadership adopted by eBay in the commerce industry, with the company looking to leave positive impacts. This statement by eBay has the following traits:

  1. Enabled by people
  2. Powered by technology
  3. Open to everyone

In the first feature, eBay appreciates the importance of bringing an innovative mindset together to design a platform that facilitates trade. This is where technology comes in to make trading with eBay seamless and surprisingly fun, reliable, and secure. In fact, the site of the company has Open-Source Tools to enable users to integrate their systems with EBay’s APIs for a better experience. Such capabilities show that there is no limitation to who can use eBay, something that satisfies the last component of this vision statement.

Core Values

eBay’s core values include “family, teamwork, and opportunity.” These values show that eBay is a company built on a strong foundation characterized by a unique culture, and this is what drives its success.

First, eBay strives to create an environment where all people can feel safe, wanted and appreciated. It recognizes that this is what stimulates teamwork as workers, customers, investors, and other stakeholders have bonds they values, hence they all work towards a similar goal. In this way, this enables the company to create and make the best out of every opportunity that comes its way.


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