DoorDash Mission Statement Analysis

DoorDash Mission Statement
DoorDash Mission Statement

Four college buddies Tony Xu, Evan Charles Moore, Andy Fang, and Stanley Tang founded DoorDash in 2013. The company is based out of San Francisco, California, known as the largest online food ordering and food delivery company in the United States of America. When DoorDash was initially launched, it was under the name of Palo Alto Delivery, and its delivery circuit was around Standford University.

The idea came to the group in the summer of 2012 when they were working with a macaroon store owner along with other small businesses to develop an app to help solve their problems. However, the group was not getting anywhere because the app was proving to be less helpful, and that’s when a macaroon store owner showed them a booklet full of orders that were yet to be delivered. This incident was a eureka moment for the group, and they designed an app that would help the merchant solve their delivery problems and get their orders delivered on time.

Within 6 months of the idea’s inception, the group delivered their first order through the app on January 12, 2013. Over the years, DoorDash has been committed to empowering the local communities and connecting people with the app from where they can easily order food of their choice. It envisions creating a long-term association with the merchants.

DoorDash Mission Statement

DoorDash mission statement clearly defines, “We’re working to empower local communities and in turn, creating new ways for people to earn, work, and thrive. We believe in delivering goods by connecting people and possibility.”

DoorDash is not only about delivering food to the customers; there is more than what meets the eye. Apart from getting food and other things from various convenience stores and groceries delivered to the customers’ doorsteps, they are also about getting the business and the required financial stability for the merchants. DoorDash offers flexible working hours and schedules for its delivery agents known as Dashers. In a recent survey conducted by DoorDash, it was revealed that more than 50% of dashers are females, and the reason they have opted for DoorDash as their second income is the option to choose their schedule and working hours.

DoorDash is connected to over 1000 cities across Canada and the United States of America, connecting local businesses and merchants to their customers with the ease of the technology of an online ordering app. The organization aims to bring together the local communities, giving them the chance to earn and have bigger savings. Apart from this, the firm also introduced an initiative called Project DASH, launched in 2018, focusing on dealing with hunger issues in the local communities; hence, it is called DoorDash Acts of Sustainability and Hunger.

DoorDash Vision Statement

DoorDash vision statement is “Our vision is to build a last-mile logistics platform, create a set of services to grow a merchant’s sales, and produce a membership program that connects consumers to the merchants that sustain them.”

From the above statement, it can be understood that the DoorDash vision is to drive sales higher for merchants. This has proven to be a sure-shot success formula for the company. Over 75% of restaurants have voted that they have seen an increase in their sales by reaching more customers. 

As per its vision, it has a membership program that encourages consumers and merchants to connect. Various membership plans starting from Basic to Premier help the merchant with maximum profits and commissions and provide various marketing techniques and strategies by improving their presence online and making the business owners visible to loyal customers.

The company’s clear and futuristic vision has helped the business owners not be affected by the pandemic. More than 65% of restaurants continued to earn profits and keep their business running. Since March 2020, the organization has been offering commission-free partnership through its Covid-19 relief initiative, partnering with BlueVine to help restaurants apply for PPP loans. This helped restaurants keep their doors open when many businesses were closing down forever as the globe was hit with the financial crisis.

DoorDash Core Values

DoorDash core values are:

  • People Growth: Ensuring that its associates and members have access to all the tools and technology to help them grow.
  • Transparency: DoorDash encourages making every information available to its clients, partners, employees, and every person linked to the company. This builds trust because there is no hiding any facts or figures and providing any false promises that cannot be later fulfilled. DoorDash has always been honest about the way they work and have set clear and achievable expectations.
  • Efficiency: Working at such a large scale, DoorDash is aware that it is not easy. They believe that everyone is capable of something and with this confidence, they are able to provide the most efficient plans to the merchants, adequate income for the dashers, and convenience to the customers. 


To achieve its mission and vision, any organization needs core values that help it as a whole to strive and be the best amongst competitors. Through DoorDash mission and vision, it has steered through the challenges and has become the most preferred delivery partner across the country.