Domino’s Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Established in 1960, Domino’s Pizza Inc. is one of the largest food chain businesses in the world. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company has outlets and franchises worldwide. James Monaghan, Dominik DeVarti, and Tom Monaghan were the founding fathers of this restaurant business.

Domino’s Mission Statement

Domino’s started as a small pizza restaurant in Michigan that Dominik DeVarti ran. But in 1960, the Monaghan brothers overtook the restaurant by buying the business for $900. In addition to serving people the best pizzas at the restaurant, the Monaghan brothers started delivering pizzas to people at the ordered addresses through a Volkswagen Beetle. Five years later, the brothers opened more pizza outlets under their ownership. They wanted all the three stores to have the same brand name and retain the originality of their first shop. That’s why the restaurant outlets were named Domino’s after the real owner, Dominik DeVarti.

On the logo, you can see three large dots representing the original three restaurants that the Monaghan brothers owned. The brand quickly gained popularity, and by 1978, the company had opened outlets at 200 different locations. The first international outlet was opened in Canada in 1983 in Winnipeg. In the same year, the company expanded further and had 1000 stores under the brand’s flagship.

Years later, in 2006, it was estimated that Domino’s Pizza Inc company has more than 8000 stores worldwide, making it one of the largest restaurant chains in the global food industry. The company’s mission is to serve the best pizzas in the world for which they hire highly skilled and experienced people who share the same goals as the brand.

All in all, the company has set several goals, all of which revolve around one particular goal i.e. serving the best pizzas to the customers promptly with a courteous and generous team all over the world. Domino’s envisions becoming one of the leading pizza providers globally. The core values of providing the best pizzas and excellent customer service.

Domino’s Mission Statement

Domino’s mission statement says that “To be the leader in delivering off-premise pizza convenience to consumers around the world”. Besides, Domino’s wants to become a company of exceptional people who aim to make Domino’s the best pizza delivery company in the world. Domino’s Pizza is the pizza specialist who consistently delights the customer with great taste and choices in pizza with friendly, courteous team members providing prompt, safe delivery service”.

The mission statement was adopted during the starting phase, and the same ideology flows across the different Domino’s outlets across the globe. It has been the motivating factor of the company for over decades now. Even though one would say that Domino’s mission statement is straightforward, let’s analyze it in-depth.

Prompt pizza deliveries

One of the significant messages derived from Domino’s mission statement is its prompt pizza delivery. The practice of delivering pizzas at ordered addresses started back in 1960 when Tom Monaghan used the Beetle from Volkswagen to deliver pizzas. Over the years, the company has hired efficient team members to make quick and prompt food deliveries. 

Expandable pizzeria menu

Domino’s wants to provide the best Italian dishes but with an American twist. That’s why perhaps the company is changing its menu continuously, albeit for the growth of the business. It was a food chain business that served only pizzas of different kinds. But now, the menu has expanded to specialty pizzas, bread, desserts, salad, baked sandwiches, boneless chicken, and even pasta.

Provide exceptional taste

Domino’s wants to provide the best experience of Italian foods, and that’s why the company never compromises with the taste. However, they have customized their menu to suit the taste buds of the people.

Building a courteous team

Domino’s wanted to make their customers happy through the food and a team built on values like politeness, hospitability, courteousness, and honesty. This is why the company heads have made sure that every employee working under the brand’s flagship can develop these behavioral qualities asap.

Domino’s Vision statement

Domino’s has its outlets across the globe, but each of these outlets works towards a common vision of becoming an exceptional and the fastest pizza delivery company without compromising the quality and taste. To put it simply, the company envisions becoming one of the leading names in the pizza delivery business and also provide people with outstanding taste.

Following are the most important and potential messages which could be derived from the vision statement of one of the best food restaurant chains in the world.

Exceptional team recruitment

Domino’s management team has made it its goal to create a team of exceptional people who understand the value of food and its connection with human emotions. After all, Domino’s is all about serving the “best pizzas” and not about “earning maximum profits.” This is why the prices of all the food items are lower than other pizzeria and fast-food business chains in the world.

Becoming the best pizza delivery company

Domino’s sole vision is to become the best company globally known for delivering the most delicious pizzas to different locations without any delays. The company ensures that the deliveries are prompt so that people can savor soft and hot pizzas.  

Outstanding services

Besides becoming an exceptional pizza delivery service provider, Domino’s also ensures that their staff is well-trained, well-spoken, and addresses customer’s calls and requests with patience. This helps the company become the best.

Domino’s Core Values

Domino’s has come this far by adhering to the following core values:

Excellent customer service

The prime core value of Domino’s is to serve its customers without any complaints and excuses. This is why in reality, the company’s service is outstanding. Every employee working in the company understands the value of customer satisfaction, and hence, they work hard and give their 100% in customer service.

Reaching the hearts through the food

Domino’s believes that to leave an unforgettable impact on someone’s heart; one needs to give them something out-of-the-box. And their pizzas and other food items do the job perfectly.

No compromise with quality

At Domino’s, there wouldn’t be any compromise with the service and food quality, no matter whether it is a direct pizzeria outlet or a franchise outlet. The company believes in quality services making them the fastest-growing food chain business globally.

Sustainable Future 

Domino’s understands its responsibility towards the community and strives to be a good neighbor through various initiatives like raising funds, contributing to agriculture, using energy-efficient appliances, using e-bikes for pizza delivery, etc.


The credit of Domino’s rapid growth and success goes to the entire team, which works tirelessly to bring smiles to customers’ faces, simple but innovative business strategies, and the proper global business management.  The company has succeeded in achieving Domino’s mission and vision to become a world leader in pizza delivery over the years and going strong.

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