DaVita Mission Statement

DaVita specializes in the health care business, and one of its key focus areas is kidney dialysis. DaVita means “Giving Life” in Italian has more than 2,800 dialysis centers in the United States and 300+ centers in 10 other countries. 

Owned by Berkshire Hathaway, which has a 23.18% stake in it, DaVita provides dialysis treatment to more than 200,000 patients. DaVita has more than 55,000 employees in the United States and has been on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list for 12 consecutive years. DaVita was also selected for the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which acknowledges Global Organizations working to promote gender equality.  

The company was launched in 1979 as Total Renal Care and was near bankruptcy in the 90s when Kent J Thiry took over as CEO in March 2000. DaVita is referred to as the Village among its employees to promote a community feeling. 

The DaVita mission statement reinforces its belief in being the best healthcare partner and employer. It focuses on becoming the preferred healthcare provider, i.e. the first choice of people who need healthcare services. 

DaVita’s envisions being the biggest healthcare service provider the world has ever seen by constantly innovating and improving its services. The core values of DaVita were set down by Kent J Thiry and his leadership team in May 2000, when he took over the management. The core values of the company have remained the same since then. They are Service Excellence, Integrity, Team, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Fulfillment & Fun. 

The present CEO of DaVita is Javier Rodriguez who believes in clinical innovation, digital transformation, and delivering customized care. In 2020, the company declared a net income of $773 million from all its operations. 

DaVita Mission Statement

The DaVita Mission Statement is “To be the Provider, Partner, and Employer of Choice”. It aims to build the greatest healthcare community the world has ever seen through its commitment to upholding its mission and core values for patients, partners, and teammates.

To be the Provider, Partner: A brief interpretation of DaVita’s mission statement shows that it believes in working wholeheartedly in the healthcare field with all its patients, partners, and employees. It believes in constant innovation to provide better care to its patients and adequate support to its partners and teammates to help them perform their duties well. 

Being the Employer of Choice: The word “Choice” in DaVita mission statement clearly expresses the desire to be the preferred employer in the healthcare community. The core component of the DaVita mission statement indicates ensuring patient care with the help of the best partners and teammates. For this, the company wants to leave no stone unturned when it comes to caring for its staff.

DaVita Vision

The vision statement of DaVita proclaims, “To build the greatest health care community the world has ever seen”. This vision statement boldly expresses DaVita’s aim to get recognition as the leading health care provider in the world by forming a community of the best partners and teammates.

  • DaVita recognizes the need to work closely with its partners and employees to form a close-knit community that provides the best health care to its patients. 
  • The words “the World Has Ever Seen” motivates its partners and team members to strive for the best by constantly innovating and providing the highest grade of service and inpatient care.
  • DaVita is so focused on all-inclusive community building that it prefers to be referred to as a Village among its partners and employees so that everybody has a sense of belonging and ownership in the company. 
  • Its vision statement also shows its intention to challenge existing health care norms in the world and surpass them with the help of its community.

DaVita Core Values

DaVita follows strong core values in its quest for global excellence in health care. 

  • Service Excellence: DaVita believes in surpassing service levels in whatever it does by understanding the needs and then exceeding the set expectations. 
  • Integrity: The company strongly believes in trustworthiness with its patients, partners, or team members. It wants its community to be recognized for believing in what it says and does.
  • Team: Teamwork is the essence of everything that DaVita does. The quote “One for All, and All for One” is the framework for all working relationships at DaVita be it for the patients they care for or the team members and partners they work with. 
  • Continuous Improvement: To improve its services is an ongoing process at DaVita, with team members constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve existing healthcare standards and practices. Innovation is streamlined at DaVita and encouraged through proper research and approach. 
  • Accountability: Being committed and taking ownership for everything they do, is one of the key practices of the DaVita community of partners and team members. Not passing the blame, in case of an error but researching its reason and taking measures to prevent its reoccurrence is a part of the work ethos at DaVita.
  • Fulfilment: The satisfaction one experiences in providing good quality healthcare and achieving effective results is a true reward. Every health care professional thus strives to give the best to experience a sense of fulfillment. DaVita encourages its community to follow the quote by Mahatma Gandhi “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
  • Fun: DaVita encourages its team members and partners to have fun and relax while working since healthcare is a stressful occupation. By creating a fun environment, the DaVita community sims to manage its patients better and have a good work culture. 


DaVita is a healthcare company that promotes a community feeling among its patients, partners, and team members. It strongly believes in the diversity and inclusion of all its teammates so that it can provide the best healthcare facilities in the world.  

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