Dairy Queen Mission and Vision Statement Analysis


Dairy Queen is a quick service restaurant whose mission and vision statements underscores its resilience and determination to provide the best services in the sector. Ever since its foundation approximately 75 years ago, Dairy Queen has maintained a surprisingly top-level quality service for its fan base showing just how it remains committed to its mission and vision. In fact, it has earned itself a name and become a symbol of dependence and trustworthiness, making it one of the most revered brands in this line of business.

Dairy Queen vision statement agrees with the general principle that the vision statement of a company projects what and where the business wants to be in the future. Its vision statement is a declaration of the position the company wants to take in the area of quick service restaurants. The mission statement of a company, on the other hand, outlines the actions and steps unique to the strategic growth of the business.

It is a reflection of elements that guide how the company develops to achieve its vision. Through its generic mission statement, Dairy Queen emphasizes on service activities that leave a memorable mark on its clients. The desire to strategically position itself in the quick-service business is an indication of how critical it is to offer the best services in a niche whose competition level has tripled in the last decades.

As a response, Dairy Queen exploits its precise yet comprehensive mission and vision statements together with the company values to devise strategies that keep it atop of the rest in the game. Specifically, these statements keep all its stakeholders energized and motivated to stay competitive and dynamic in relation to the vision and mission statements of the company.

Mission Statement

Dairy Queen mission statement is “To create positive memories for all who touch DQ.” In a summative approach, the mission statement lays emphasis on the outcomes arising from a range of services the business offers to its client base. The emphasis indicates that the positive memories it creates is what matters most and keeps the company doing what it does. Several components relate to this mission statement:

  1. Outstanding leadership to motivate the best services. Dairy Queens mission statement alludes to leadership in the quick service business. It is an aspect that is reflected in its progressive growth ever since the first store in 1940 as shown in its history. Moreover, this aspect of its mission statement is reflected on the impact it has left throughout its existence courtesy of its vibrant leadership.
  2. Professional care. In this component, the company’s mission statement emphasizes the importance of value creation in its line of business. It recognizes the impact of specializing in services that strategically elevate the business, and this directly links to its vision statement when it comes to becoming a top brand.
  3. Exceeding customer’s expectations. In this third component, Dairy Queen mission statement focus is on giving everyone who comes in touch with this company the best service experience. Creating long lasting and positive memories requires actions that offer beyond what the customer expects. Dairy Queen does this by offering the most competitive quick-services, uniquely tailored for its clients as a reflection of its strategic approaches.
  4. Improving life. The mission statement emphasis on creating the best memories is not all about the immediate service Dairy Queen offers. The company mission indicates that it does more by touching on the life of those in need as part of its growth strategy represented by this component. Its community section is a reflection of the strategies of Dairy Queen that agrees with its mission statement.

Vision Statement

Dairy Queen vision statement is “To be the world’s favorite quick-service restaurant.” Dairy Queen stays in line with this vision statement to establish itself in the business and bring its customers services that leave them with positive memories as stated in the company’s mission statement. Though it adopts a clear-cut statement, the company’s operations are a reflection of the various factors associated with its vision. The following factors relate to this mission statement:

  1. Global reach. As underlined in its mission statement, the primary strategy of Dairy Queen Company is to create great memories. The vision statement of the firm adds that this impact is not limited to the local markets. The company looks to have its presence felt at a global scale as part of its futuristic growth strategy.
  2. Favorite quick-service restaurant. Dairy Queen vision statement calls for exceptional services that distinguish the restaurant from others in the sector. The clamor for being the best and a favorite of all customers is advanced in its promos programme. A similar aspect is emphasized in the company’s determination and success stories of its quality journey.
  3. Compliance with social responsibility. Within its vision statement, Dairy Queen recognizes much more than provision of its primary services as a restaurant. It stays committed to its strategic commitment to social responsibility that indirectly impacts on the reputation of its business leading to the achievement of its mission by winning community hearts.

Core Values

Based on its activities, impact, and reach, Dairy Queen core values include “Family and teamwork, respect, and cultural connection.” The values of this company outline what keeps it together and improve its success. In fact, Dairy Queen reflects these values in all its operations. The following elements constitute this core value:

  1. Family and teamwork. Dairy Queen is a global enterprise with over 6, 800 establishments all over the world. Based on this, the company prioritizes working as a team and a united family towards achievement of its common mission and vision. In fact, it uses a range of business strategies to promote family bonds including increasing its presence in social media.
  2. Respect. In this component, the company emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the role of every stakeholder who advances the mission and vision of the company. The stability of Dairy Queen high reputation for over 75 years comes down to this guiding principle.
  3. Cultural connection. Dairy Queen global reach accentuates on being accommodative of different cultures that make up its fan base. Its ability to interact with and reach different cultures is one of the features that makes it different.


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