Costa Coffee Mission Statement

Costa Coffee was launched in 1971 by brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa. During their initial days, they experimented with more than 100 blends to create that one perfect blend. After due experimentation, they came up with their Signature Blend. The blend named Mocha Italia is one of the signature blends today in all Costa Coffee outlets.

costa coffee mission statement

Costa Coffee is now UK’s favorite coffee shop, with over 2,400 stores spread all over the UK. It is also a well-recognized international brand with 1,400 stores in 31 countries. Apart from the shops, more than 8,000 Costa Express self-service machines offer premium and delicious tasting coffees worldwide, making it a truly global brand.

Acquired by Whitbred in 1995, Costa Coffee later became a part of the Coca-Cola Group in 2019. This association helped Costa Coffee scale globally, as it now had access to better resources and investments. Today the brand Costa Coffee is the second largest coffeehouse chain globally and the largest in the UK.

Costa Coffee mission statement is built around coffee, its key product. Its mission is to provide the world with authentic coffee flavors. This clearly shows their love and passion for good coffee.

It also has a very clear vision statement, wherein it boldly states that it wants to become the world’s most loved coffee brand.  This shows its ambition and focuses on being the best coffee shop brand in the world.

Costa Coffee has four core values that are the foundation of its brand, business, and people. These values are Passion, Courage, Warmth, and Trust. The company’s mission, vision, and business growth are all driven by these values. These core values also help it retain unwavering loyalty among its coffee customers across the world.

Costa Coffee Mission Statement

Costa Coffee mission statement proudly states: “To save the world from mediocre coffee”. This shows the company’s confidence in its products.

To provide the best coffee Costa Coffee has made it a mission to ensure people don’t settle for anything less than good coffee, and it aims to solve this need by serving them with the best coffee possible. Costa Coffee wants people to have the best coffee drinking experience and considers average coffees as beverages that anyone should not serve.

Costa Coffee Vision Statement

Costa Coffee shows its love and ambitions for coffee through its vision statement, “Our vision for the future: to be the world’s most loved coffee brand. We have big growth plans, whether through our stores, our Express machines, or the beans we sell”.

It wants all its partners and team members to work towards this goal with a clear focus and love for the world of coffee.

Focus on becoming the most loved coffee brand 

For Costa Coffee, coffee is everything, and the world revolves around coffee for it. With unrelenting passion and love for coffee, the company aspires to be the world’s most loved coffee brand, be it among customers, partners, associates, and team members.

Excel in best service and match the requirement 

Costa Coffee envisions becoming the strongest brand. In its quest for success, Costa Coffee is ready to grow and expand in new markets and formats so that more people can experience its coffee and enjoy its taste.

A sustainable method of coffee extraction 

Costa Coffee not only ensures that the consumer gets the best coffee and adopts the right measure to source coffee. It has planned to adopt measures that are going to create less impact on the environment. In 2016, the company came up with the concept of recycling points at their stores. Costa Coffee also recycles its used coffee beans, besides the company also donates the surplus food to those who need it the most. Another initiative of the company was to replace plastic straws with paper ones.

Being responsible 

Costa Coffee wants to ensure that they serve the best coffee to the people, and at the same time understand their responsibility towards their community and planet. Besides adopting a sustainable coffee sourcing method, it also works to help the people. The Costa Foundation has raised around £14 million and funded over 80 school projects and has been able to bring a positive change in the lives of 75,000 students, the company continues to work in this direction.

Costa Coffee Values

Like all professionally managed companies, Costa Coffee has a core set of values that it expects all its partners, associates, and team members to follow diligently. These core values determine how the company deals with customers, conducts its business, and treats its employees.


Costa Coffee wants everybody working with it to have the same passion for coffee as its founders did. It wants its employees to be passionate about what they do and the customer experiences they create while serving them with the best coffee in the world.


It wants its people to be idea and passion-driven along with problem-solvers to help the company stay competitive in the coffee business. It wants them to have the courage to experiment and try out new ideas with the ultimate goal of enriching the customer’s experience.


Just as its coffee helps people to have a warm and refreshing experience, it expects its team members to touch other people’s lives similarly. A warm smile, a helping hand, sticking to one’s values, and being genuinely welcoming is what it expects from its people.


Being accountable in all their actions and meeting customer expectations is what Costa Coffee is all about. It expects its team members to meet the trust of its customers by delivering on their expectations and more.

Diversity and inclusion 

The company advocates diversity and inclusion. It brings together people from different cultures, thus promoting a harmonious and progressive work environment, where everyone mutually respects each other. Besides, Costa Coffee’s LGBT network – called Shine, shows its inclination to respect humans first and help them achieve personal and professional growth.


One of the most passionate brands in the coffee business, Costa Coffee takes immense pride in its foundations and its growth journey. Costa Coffee mission and vision focus and core values that are an integral part of its DNA have helped Costa Coffee become a much-loved brand among its customers and one of the largest coffee shop chains in the world.

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