Construction Company Mission Statement

If you have started a construction firm or planning to start one, having a strong mission statement is a must. It will benefit you in many ways. Whenever you think about how you want to shape your company, the mission statement would always help you be on track.

The best thing about having a mission and company vision statement is that it summarizes the reason for the existence of your organization and its future endeavors. However, these are not just statements to provide a feel-good factor about your company. These are powerful words that sum up your construction services’ core values, strategy, and objectives.

In this article, we have covered everything about mission statements and how to write one for your construction company.

mission of construction company

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is an idea of the company that simply explains the particular company’s purpose in the market or world. It implies the impact they want to create in their world. Here are some pointers to understand the nature of the mission statement.

Short and simple

The mission statements are usually short, i.e., one line or sometimes a small paragraph. It works better when you keep it short and simple.

Be realistic

One of the key factors you need to consider when writing down the mission statement is to keep it realistic. Your mission statement must highlight company goals and customer service at present.


Your mission statement needs to be clear and unique. You must never copy it from others, and make sure to construct it in a way that no one else could copy it as well.

Creates expectations

If you can construct a good mission statement, your targeted audience will get something they truly carve for. It will fall in sync with their ideology as well. 

Active Voice

The statement must be in an active voice. Active voice to create an effect in the reader’s mind that something is happening in the present. 


It can be even more impactful if you use some memorable terminology in the mission statement. It helps grab the attention of clients and makes it easy for them to remember the ideology.


Your mission statement must be constructed to also be used for construction marketing plans and give it a direction.


It is highly essential to create your company’s mission statement positively. Avoid negativity or negative words. The reason behind this is that your construction company’s mission statement must carry the idea that you are here to solve the problems and make it a fulfilling and better world.


It is also essential to have a targeted audience; therefore, you can express your thoughts and vision in a certain way. 

Does your construction business need a mission statement?

Of course, the construction mission statement is important, no matter how small or big your construction company is. It is essential to shape up your construction business idea and provide you with a direction for your work. It helps construction owners develop trust with clients, execute successful projects, provide quality construction services, and establish themselves in the construction field.

When you can create a well-crafted mission statement, it will help you attract your targeted audiences, i.e. client agencies for construction companies and your employees. When you are trying to build your company’s brand, it will work as the framework. It broadens the purpose of your business to your clients and helps them distinguish your brand from other companies.

Studies have shown that a new company (no matter what they do) with a mission statement in their bag accomplish better than a similar company that does not have one.

Benefits of having a mission statement for construction business       

The benefits of having a construction mission statement are many. Here are the key elements.

Provide guidance to employees’ actions and thinking

When you have a construction company, it can be hard to drive everyone’s energy on the same track. You have invested a lot of time and money. Now, you want to be sure that everyone else’s energies and efforts are also going on the right path. Therefore, having a clear construction company mission statement would do that for you. It will guide you and the employees in the construction field.

Determine the standard of employee’s performance

Just like the guidance and mentorship, a good construction mission statement will help to motivate workers in your construction company to give exceptional performance. The success of the company is obviously dependent on performance. 

Reduces friction

In a construction company, just like any other company, there is bound to be a difference of opinion on the direction the company must move towards. However, when a mission statement has been chalked out after gaining consensus and suggestions from business associates, partners, senior managers, and other staff members, chances of having different the company’s future are minimized. 

Makes employees inspired and productive

The mission of a construction company must be inspiring. It must be worded in such a way that employees feel encouraged to perform better. Therefore, you can expect a more action-oriented performance if the mission is powerful. With a clear goal, employees are bound to stay motivated and work towards achieving it. 

Create good public relation

When you state in your mission statement who you are, what you do, you create a public persona. And when you have set those by keeping your targeted audiences in mind, you are bound to have a public image in your audience’s eyes. Therefore, working in sync with your mission will only elevate your public image and better your relationship with the public and business partners.

Construction Company Mission Statement Examples

construction mission statement

Here are some of the notable missions of construction companies.

Wenco construction services

To provide quality workmanship and customer service and maintain the highest level of professionalism, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our customers, employees, and vendors. To grow by continually providing useful and significant products, services, and solutions to markets we already serve – and to expand into new areas that build on our competencies and customer interests. 

Fort construction

We develop high-performing people that deliver successful projects.

Anchor construction 

Our mission is to form partnerships resulting in innovative, cost-effective, and quality construction, exceeding our customers’ expectations in a safe environment. 


To design, build and deliver, high-quality and cost-effective construction projects on schedule for our clients while providing quality employment and career growth opportunities for Petro-Construction team members. 

Lueder Construction

Lueder Construction, pure and simple, wants to be your contractor of choice.  We know anyone can build your project. It is much harder to build a relationship built on trust and service. This can only happen with a foundation of strong ideals and values which permeate a company. 


It is always the best idea to have a very fine-crafted mission and vision statement, no matter what your business is. It holds true even for a contractor’s mission statement. Therefore, investing time and effort to write a powerful one for your construction company will pay off in many ways. 

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