Comcast Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Comcast mission statement is that it “creates incredible technology and entertainment that connects millions of people to the moments and experiences that matter most.” The statement shows that it values the satisfaction that it creates in the people it serves through its services. The statement can be explained using the following points:

  1. Transforms technology and entertainment
  2. Connects people

Based on the first point, Comcast focuses on growing the technological niche through the innovations in its company. To do this, it ensures that its systems are the latest for dependability. By using the best tech devices, Comcast stays ahead of its competitors in the provision of services such as mobile, TV & streaming, internet, home phone, and home security. These keep its customers connected and entertained.


Comcast is one of the largest telecommunication conglomerates in the U.S. with services spread in over 40 states. Due to the precision of its mission and vision statements, Comcast has grown into an influential corporation having started as a small cable company in 1963. Since then, it has exceeded the expectations of many, expanding its business segment to include TV broadcasting and telephone services.

Today, it ranks second in the industry at the global level. In the U.S, it is the leader in what it does courtesy of these two corporate statements. A corporate vision statement simply sets a future for the company, while a corporate mission statement identifies how to get there.

In this case of Comcast, its vision is all about the advancement of communication technology, while its mission statement emphasizes on the connectivity experiences that its customers draw from its business strategies. In addition, the core values of this organization make Comcast a friendly and dependable company for clients to deal with due to their impressive customer services.

Vision Statement

Comcast vision statement is “we continue to look to the future – seeking out new communications technology, new opportunities, and more choices.”  The statement has this main point:

  1. Future-oriented

An analysis of this company shows that it is never satisfied with its current situation. Comcast is, therefore, always contemplating its next big step or innovation to awe its customers. Such hunger for change has seen it grow drastically.

Core Values

Comcast core values comprise “integrity, entrepreneurial spirit, respect, and giving back.” The culture of this company proves that it is a people-centered rather than a self-centered one. This is shown by the manner in which the company respects its customers and all stakeholders while delivering its services.


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