Columbia University Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Columbia University mission statement is “It seeks to attract a diverse and international faculty and student body, to support research and teaching on global issues, and to create academic relationships with many countries and regions.” The quality of services and experience that this institution offers emerges as the most important aspect of this statement. It meets this demand by:

  1. Providing outstanding training
  2. Global reach

The long history that this university enjoys within the academic sector gives it an advantage in terms of preparedness and being strategic in academic structuring. In fact, this is proven by the comprehensiveness of its wide range of programs. It has several approaches including the medical center, research centers and graduate schools for unlocking human potentials. To ensure its influence spreads far beyond the U.S., Columbia University opens its doors to thousands of international students annually. They bring a sense of diversity and international recognition within this facility.


Columbia University stands as the first and the fifth oldest university in New York State and the United States respectively. It has been in operation since 1754, showing how rich its history is as an institution of higher learning. Over the decades, it has risen as a premier research and learning center led by elaborate corporate statements.

Ideally, a corporate vision statement leads a facility towards an achievable future. The vision statement of this university is all about educational transformation and leadership. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement highlights the approaches of sparking growth within an establishment. The mission statement of Colombia University emphasizes on the quality of services that it offers scholars and the communities. In addition, the institution benefits from the influence of its core values as well.

Vision Statement

Columbia University is yet to publish its official vision statement. However, the company makes it clear that it prioritizes leadership and progressive transformation of education.

One of the main ways through which the university progresses towards its vision is by prioritizing research. In fact, it states that it “works to foster the continuation of those creative endeavors and to promote an environment that sustains the highest standards of scholarship, learning, and safety.” In this way, it preserves its history of discovering knowledge and accelerates its potential of leading in the invention of more.

Core Values

Columbia University core values include “kindness and respect, embrace diversity, promote research, flexibility.” The presence of these values creates a supportive environment that makes campus life for both the faculties and students worthwhile. As a result, this adds to the achievement of the mission and vision of the institution.


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