Colgate Mission Statement

The American brand Colgate was started in 1806 by William Colgate.  Initially, the company focused on making starch, soap, and candles. In 1872, the son of William Colgate named Samuel launched a perfumed soap and in the following year the first Colgate toothpaste (in jars) was launched in the market. The company started selling the toothpaste we see today in tubes only by 1908.

colgate mission statement

The brand Palmolive® came into being in 1898 by the B.J. Johnson Soap Co. that sold a  soap containing palm and olive oil that soon became a bestseller. In 1928, Palmolive bought the Colgate Company; and finally, in 1953, it called itself the “Colgate-Palmolive Company”.

Today, Colgate Palmolive Limited is one of the leading global brands with millions of users worldwide. Apart from Colgate and Palmolive, the company has several associate brands like Protex, Sanex, Softsoap, Hills, Sorisso, Speed Stick, Murphy Oil Soap, Tom’s of Maine, Meridol, Axiona, and many more. Apart from Oral Care, the company also sells Personal Care products, Home Care products, and Pet Care products.

The company has even won many awards and recognitions like the 100 most sustainable US companies, most innovative social good companies, and the best companies to work for millennials and multicultural women.

This was all possible because the company has successfully built a solid relationship and trust among its consumers. Also, it is because of the strong values of the company and Colgate mission and vision. The company has always focused on its people as their asset and provides the customers with the best products.

Colgate mission statement talks about optimism and smile. In another statement, the company focuses on the need to protect the global environment and improve communities. It also says that the company must work in compliance with all government laws and regulations.

Colgate vision statement and plan for the future are to build a strategy that helps them grow over the years. Also, they want to be the best consumer company in the market by keeping their company values at their topmost priority. In addition, they want to be the market leader by caring for the people they serve and providing them with the best service.

As far as the company’s core values are related, it can sum up three fundamental values, i.e., caring, global teamwork, and continuous improvement. As the company builds a future with a smile on every face, these values act as its guiding principles. In other words, their values influence their product development, business practices, and relationship with their staff and consumers.

Colgate Mission Statement

The Colgate mission statement as mentioned on is “Sparking optimism in everyone, every day.”

Colgate-Palmolive’s mission is “To become the best truly global consumer products company.”

Each member of Colgate lives by this mission and ensures providing outstanding products and customers service to its customers. The company is not only committed to values like integrity and respect but also aims at improving the community and environment. Let us understand the key components of Colgate mission statement.

Bright, confident smile: Colgate provides the best products to its customers so that they smile more confidently. The company focuses on creating products for a healthier life. Healthy smiles are important as they mean good health and reflect optimism. As the company is encouraging optimism not only among its consumers but also among its people and partners. The company is also optimistic about working every day for a healthier planet and smiles.

Power of Optimism: The company very strongly believes in the power of optimism and how it can result in significant changes in each one of us and the planet as well. To spread the message of optimism, the company has involved many intellectual personalities, psychologists, and people of the Gen Z community.

Better oral health: Colgate has always ensured providing its people with the best-formulated vegan products. The company has maintained complete transparency when it comes to the ingredients and components of its products. It also uses sustainable packaging.

Values and Sustainability: Colgate-Palmolive is dedicated to running its operation with integrity, honesty, and respect while focusing on sustainability. The company understands the importance of its consumers, business partners, community, shareholders in its growth and success. So, they continuously work to improve employees’ health and provide a safe environment to work.

Performance-oriented: This is yet another key area on which Colgate focuses upon. Every partner of the Colgate company is committed to the improvement of the business with innovation. Also, they strive to provide a sustainable product that makes a difference in the consumer’s lives.

Caring for Planet: Colgate focuses on creating a healthy and cleaner environment because it is the wise approach considering the current situation and also because it makes good business sense. The company strives to achieve the goal by promoting renewable energy and reduce harmful gas emissions. Moreover, it also reduces manufacturing energy, contributes to a zero-waste approach, and partners with the local organizations.

Colgate Vision Statement

Colgate vision statement focuses on how Colgate is a caring and innovative company that keeps the future of pets, people, and the planet in mind. Thus, they leverage the power and science to build a brighter future for their consumer. For this, they have planned a sustainable and social impact goal for 2025, which includes three ambitions focused on the SMILE Strategy i.e. S (Social Impact), MILE (Millions), and E (Environment).

  • Driving Social Impact – For this, the company aims to work for its people and build a culture of inclusion where everyone who is capable would be treated at par with each other. Also, the company wants to create useful jobs, education, and business opportunities for people to succeed.
  • Helping Millions of Homes – To help people, Colgate aims to educate people about healthy habits relating to personal care, home care, and pet nutrition. The company runs holistic well-being programs as well. 
  • Protecting the Environment – The company wants to achieve this by reducing its environmental impact. For this, they encourage saving water, decrease plastic usage, a zero-waste approach, and conserving nature. As mentioned in “Building a Future to Smile About, Report 2019“,  Colgate-Palmolive’s manufacturing units have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 30%, reduced the use of energy by 30%, and reduced water usage by 50%.

Colgate Core Values

You can see Colgate core values in its product quality, work culture, and how they address its customers. In addition, they are highly committed to serving the community and creating long-term sustainability for the planet. The company works in three fundamental values:

Caring: The company cares about its people a lot, whether it be their consumers, business partners, shareholders, or others. Also, they are dedicated to acting with integrity, compassion, ethics, and honesty under all circumstances. Also, they strive to listen to people with respect and value their opinions. Moreover, they are committed to caring for the environment and enhance their employees’ lives.

Global Teamwork: Every member of Colgate is a part of the global team who strives to work together throughout different countries. They make this possible by sharing their ideas, talent, and technologies. Also, they sustain profitable growth.

Continuous Improvement: They work dedicatedly to get better and better in everything they do as a team or as individuals. They try to understand the people by continuously working with them and innovating products that add value. The company also believes in innovation to deliver the best, gain the trust of people, and offer an amazing brand experience.


Colgate strives to provide its customers with the best products. It ensures this by sticking to the highest quality standards and maintaining environmental sustainability.

Headquarters of Colgate: New York United States

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