Cisco Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

cisco mission and vision statement

Cisco’s mission statement is “to shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners.” The statement reveals the major approach that it looks to employ in creating positive and life-long impacts on the lives of all its stakeholders. The statement can be explained as shown:

  1. Improving lives
  2. Exceeding expectations

In the first part of this mission statement, Cisco demonstrates that the company puts the welfare of its customers and investors first before all other factors. The customer stories section of this organization presents an array of the way through which Cisco directly targets to exploit technology to positively impact on the individual growth of all its customers.

While using various networking and telecommunication advances, Cisco satisfies the needs in the second part of its mission statement. In this way, this shows the perseverance and zeal of this corporation.


Cisco Systems Inc. is a multinational corporation whose mission and vision statements reflect the leadership potential in creating a more interactive and integrated world for all. Ever since it was founded in 1984, Cisco has maintained a surprisingly high level of technological and networking expertise especially in the hardware it develops and services it provides.

The progress of this corporation can be directly linked to the strength of its mission and vision statements. A vision statement identifies the future position that a business strives to achieve. In this case, the vision statement by Cisco is about transforming everything it does through technology. On the other hand, a mission statement outlines the ways through which the company would attain the set vision.

The statement by Cisco shows the readiness of the company to lead in creating a better future for everyone it comes in contact with. Cisco partly enjoys all its success due to the core values that the company adopted since its early days in business. Their ability to faultlessly interact with the mission and vision statements has transmuted Cisco into a global organization.

NAME Cisco Systems
HEADQUARTERS San José, California, USA
STATUS Public Independent Company of NYSE
INDUSTRY SECTOR Technology for communications

Vision Statement

Cisco’s vision statement is “changing the way we work, live, play, and learn.” The statement indicates that Cisco realizes its potential to change people and communities in memorable ways. The statement is elucidating as follows:

  1. Being a change agent
  2. Global reach

To satisfy the first element in this vision statement, Cisco remains open as a place that only attracts talented and tech-savvy personalities. Moreover, it also nurtures and gives them an opportunity to invent systems that offer hope and possibilities. While meeting this need, Cisco ensures that it markets itself as a dynamic and globally dominant entity in what it does best.

Core Values

Cisco’s core values comprise “inspiring leaders, creating change, and inclusivity.” The ability of Cisco to work with everyone and bring out the best in them is an aspect that has given it both a rich culture and a notable population. Today, Cisco stands and one of the most sought-after networking and telecommunication corporation because of how it conducts its business led by these values.


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