Chipotle Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Chipotle mission statement is “to provide ‘Food with Integrity’.” The precision in this mission statement is all about the singularity and the high level of focus associated with Chipotle when it comes to what it does. There sounds the unwavering commitment of the company to being the best in the provision of foods that leaves the client feeling appreciated and honored.  The following main points relate to this mission statement.

  1. Improving health. To satisfy this point in the mission statement, Chipotle chose a unique brand that distinguishes the company from the rest of fast food enterprises across the globe. The concept behind the food product preparation methods in Chipotle emphasizes how the company values the health of its clients. Chipotle is aware of how influential the ingredients that constitute a food are to the overall health of people it serves, and that explains its commitment to using only the real and natural ones. As the company puts it – the kind you can recognize and pronounce.
  2. Reasonable prices. In relation to the first element of Chipotle mission statement, the quotations assigned to the various food items are without a doubt the best a customer can come by. It is even more attractive considering the freshness and naturalness of the food items, something that many satisfied clients have confirmed in the thousands of reviews and commendations about the company. Setting a price is often a very sensitive issue in any industry, but Chipotle has definitely gotten this right with its strategic and customer-oriented pricing.
  3. Food with integrity. When it comes to what it offers its customers, there is no debate about the content in any of Chipotle’s food items. The company has earned itself a name as one of the most trustworthy companies of its kind, offering a balance in the fast food industry with its naturally made items. In fact, it offers an opportunity for every guest to have their preferences and options considered in everything they get. All they do is make an order and specify the level of customization they would want made to meet their needs. It means that there is no limit to what the customers can get, and Chipotle never compromises on the preferences of its clients.


Chipotle Mexican Grill or simply referred to as Chipotle is a company that has proven how critical being strategic in market positioning and targeting can be for any company. Led by its mission and vision statement, the company has been able to identify and secure a loyal customer base across the globe.

Its distinguished customer service speaks for itself, something that the company has come to be identified with in all its 2,000 plus outlets. Finding consistent growth in the foodservice sector is not a common thing, however, the ‘smartness’ linked to the corporate statements crafted by Chipotle has seen the company record remarkable stability since 1993. Theoretically, a corporate mission statement comprises the steps or activities designed to promote the growth of a company.

They are often set in accordance with the specific goals and objectives within an establishment. In comparison, a corporate vision statement is akin to the overall goal of the company or where the firm wants to be in the future. In the case of Chipotle, the management has been very strategic in both its mission and vision statements.

For instance, when it comes to the mission statement, the company is all about the perception that it creates while coming in contact with its clients. It shows the importance of irresistible and valuable interaction at all time. The practice characterizing Chipotle shows that it is a company focused on being known for influencing the rise of holistic foods.

That is why it stresses on ‘whole or nothing’ mantra as part of its vision, and this is closely supported by the core values of the company that influence the overall commitment of the company to its mission and vision.

NAME Chipotle Mexican Grill
STATUS Public Independent Company of NYSE
INDUSTRY SECTOR Fast-casual food

Vision Statement

The chipotle vision statement is “to do more than just rolling burritos while working to cultivate a better world.” While Chipotle is yet to provide an official vision statement, a look at the overall practices in this company gives rise to this implied vision statement. It is a representational statement for everything the company does and considers a priority. The following factors relate to Chipotle’s vision statement:

  1. Doing more. Chipotle has proven that it is not like any other ordinary companies out there. The branding and specificity of what it produces speak volume about this status of the company. Moreover, the flexibility of that it has to the extent of incorporating specifications of every of its client in the kind of Burrito or any other food item ordered is simply outstanding.
  2. Cultivate a better world. Chipotle has won the hearts of many of its clients for going beyond the customer expectations to impacting the general development of the communities. By doing this, the company brings out its relational perspective and that it is more concerned about creating lasting connections with the world rather than simply concentrating on making profits to grow itself. For instance, it has been commended for its numerous participation in fundraising events to promote social and environmental developments across the globe.

Core Values

Chipotle core values include “commitment to best ingredients, doing it for everyone, sourcing from farms, and emphasizing on both quality and responsibility.” The company has a long list of values and how they contribute to the overall goal of the business development.

The Chipotle first priority is on getting the ingredients right to ensure that their food items are the best fit for everyone. To do this, the customer stresses on getting everything from the farmers to have a 100% guarantee of fresh and natural ingredients. The process that follows is all about how the experts prepare, and as indicated by the company, they do this by hand. The diligence and time that go into this is a sign of how responsible the company is, and the ultimate goal it seeks to achieve is quality.


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