5 Characteristics of Amazing Company Mission Statements

Mission statements define the purpose and existence of an organization. So, no matter if you are a hoverboard dealer or a car manufacturer, having a well-thought-out mission statement is crucial.

It tells your stakeholders who you are and what you do. Without knowing this, customers can’t choose your business for their needs, and like-minded individuals can’t find you to establish business relations.

So, before you make one for your business, give this article a read. We’ll discuss the 5-characteristics of amazing company mission statements. Let’s dive in!

Short & Simple

A mission statement is supposed to be a summary of your company’s business plan. So, it should be precise and simple.

Most companies prefer to keep it between 1 and 3 sentences. The first sentence defines who they are, the second tells what they do, and the third concludes with whom they serve.

Although this is a general pattern, there are no rules to how your mission statement should look like. What really matters is that it should convey the message without turning into a detailed essay.


Fluff and sugar-coated words are a big no-no in mission statements. You don’t want to confuse the readers, instead, directly tell them who you are. This will help fasten the reader-to-customer or reader-to-collaborator conversion.

Here’s an example of a direct mission statement:

“At Netflix, we want to entertain the world. Whatever your taste, and no matter where you live, we give you access to best-in-class TV series, documentaries, feature films, and mobile games. Our members control what they want to watch, when they want it, with no ads, in one simple subscription.”


As a business, you would naturally look up to the market leaders and competitors. But never copy or try to be like them in any aspect.

Your business is your business, and it’s unique in its own way! 

So, your mission statement should reflect this approach. It shouldn’t be a replica of the others, instead, it should highlight what makes your business different and special.


A popular consumer psychology strategy used in the business is to show them the products again and again. When an individual sees something repetitively, they are likely to take action and purchase the item.

Similarly, if you make the mission statement memorable, it can also lead to more sales and business activity. But this doesn’t mean that your mission statement should sound like a catchphrase. 

Instead, make it memorable by using the right words to describe your business. This will create a link between those words and your business in the reader’s mind. For example, the word entertainment has almost become synonymous with Netflix.  

Whenever people think about entertaining themselves or watching something, what comes to their mind first? Netflix!


The mission statement is not just for the customers but also for the employees and team members. It gives them a sense of purpose and aligns them with the business objectives. So, it should be realistic, current, and achievable.

Don’t include the vision and future aims of the business. Focus the mission statement on the current direction, objectives, and services of your company.

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