Cadbury Mission Statement

Cadbury is one of the first companies to launch chocolate products in the global food market. The story started in 1824 when John Cadbury opened a small grocery store in Birmingham, UK, where he was selling drinking chocolate among other things. After the grocery shop’s success, John Cadbury decided to take the small business to the next level. That is when the brand “Cadbury” was introduced, and the production started on a commercial scale. 

It was in 1847 when the company first manufactured a chocolate bar. The use of innovative techniques by John Cadbury’s sons Richard and George took the company to remarkable heights. In 1854, Cadbury’s chocolate got a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria that made Cadbury the popular chocolate even in the Royal family.

In 1899, the company became a private limited. Cadbury Dairy milk, which is hugely popular everywhere, was launched in 1905. Today, the company sells all kinds of chocolate products. 

Loved in 160+ countries around the world, Cadbury is an internationally popular name in the chocolate and confectionery world. Cadbury’s has various sub-brands like Dairy Milk, Oreo, Bournville, 5-star, Toblerone, and else. The company is now part of Mondelez International since 2010.

With a mission to serve people with the best quality chocolate, the company soon introduced a host of premium cocoa and chocolate products. Cadbury’s mission is to provide the ultimate experience of cocoa to food lovers and tantalize their taste buds with unique Cadbury drinks, choco bars, and other products. 

As mentioned in Cadbury mission statement, quality and variety make Cadbury one of the most loved brands. They don’t believe in expanding businesses at the cost of the love and respect people have for the brand. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons why Cadbury is a leading name for over two centuries. 

Presently, Cadbury is one of the most recognized chocolate brands in the world. The company has extended its branches to 90% of the countries worldwide, with its headquarters still functioning from the UK. Cadbury’s vision is to work together with all the employees and develop unique brands under the main company’s flagship that everyone will love to the core. 

The company looks at finding new ways to work in harmony with everyone, whether it is their stakeholders, shareholders, or employees. Through continuous efforts in the right direction, the company has successfully established a brand that is loved by one and all. 

Cadbury Mission Statement

Cadbury’s mission statement is, “Cadbury means quality; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality; our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise is delivered.”

From Cadbury mission statement, it is clear that Cadbury has always targeted quality over quantity since its inception. The company continues to follow the footsteps of the founding father- John Cadbury and follow his ideals. The incessant efforts of the company have been the reason for its growth.

Cadbury mission statement can be understood in a better way by understating its key points in detail. 

Best quality products

Quality and food safety are Cadbury’s priorities. Cadbury’s main mission is to maintain its quality. This is why Cadbury’s products use rich ingredients and are processed hygienically. The company heads are more concerned with the quality than anything else. 

Continuous improvement 

The company promises to continuously make improvements in its products, whether it is taste or variety. This has been proven by the varieties of chocolates and other delicacies they have introduced over the years and are planning to do in the future.

Employees’ well-being

Cadbury pledges for their employees’ wellbeing. This is why they take care of every worker who works under their brand, starting with ground-level employees to the senior management teams.

Earning the goodwill of their customers 

Customer goodwill has always been one of the top priority missions of Cadbury. This is why they never compromise with the product quality or the taste, which are the two main strengths of the brand.

Bringing innovation with love 

Lastly, their mission statement clearly shows how dedicated the company is towards improving continuously. For this, they bring innovation in chocolate goodies. And their main aim is to earn people’s love and appreciation through these innovations.

Cadbury Vision 

Cadbury’s vision statement is “Working together to create brands people love”. The company’s vision outlines that they value everyone they are associated with, from stakeholders to consumers. They are passionate about winning the hearts of the people by continuously improving.  

It can be deciphered from its vision statement and marketing campaigns that the company not just wants to be loved but also wants to spread love and happiness through its products. 

  • Being close to people’s heart 

Cadbury’s main vision is to ensure that the brands and products are close to the heart of their people. To ensure this, the company has never compromised on the quality of the product. From 5 years old to 80 years, everyone loves Cadbury’s chocolates. Apart from quality and taste, Cadbury’s advertisements have played a key role in establishing it as a powerful brand that people truly love, one that is close to their hearts.

  • Valuing people  

Cadbury values people over money. According to their vision statement, they want everyone, starting from their employees to customers to work together and establish a harmonious community. Cadbury wants to remove and eliminate differences through the taste of cocoa and the sweetness of the chocolate goodies.

Core Values

Cadbury is a trusted and renowned brand that follows a customer-centric approach and has a passion for providing the best quality products. Its core values are one of the key reasons for its growth and success. It continues to innovate and improvise its products while ensuring superior quality and taste. Listed below are the Cadbury core values:

  • They believe in ethical business practices and work with integrity to remain the people’s favorite and a top giant of the chocolate industry.
  • The company values its consumers, stakeholders, and other people associated with them.
  • Cadbury promises to make improvements to suit the changes in people’s mindset and the market demands.
  • They believe in working tirelessly to exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Whether it is personal well-being or caring for the planet, the company values both.
  • The company values its growth and focuses on quality at the same time.
  • The company believes in spreading happiness, joy, and bliss through the sweetness of chocolate bars and candies.

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