Cabela’s Mission & Vision Statement Analysis


Cabela is a retailer headquartered in Sidney, Nebraska that specializes in merchandise for outdoor recreation. Enthusiasts of recreational shooting, camping, fishing, and hunting can enjoy high-quality equipment at reasonable prices. Cabela’s was founded in 1961 by Dick Cabela. In 2016, Bass Pro Shops acquired Cabela’s for $5.5 billion. Nowadays, this company reports billions of dollars of yearly revenue, so it is quite successful. Cabela’s mission, vision, and values center around one particular topic – the great outdoors. Everything this company does glorifies and protects the outdoors and helps other people do this as well. In this article, you will learn more about Cabela’s mission and vision statement, as well as about its core values and principles. 

Cabela’s is a huge company, doing very well when it comes to sales and the number of regular customers. However, it is interesting to note that it had humble beginnings. Cabela’s was started when Dick Cabela posted an ad in a local newspaper. That’s right, this multi-billion company’s start was quite underwhelming. Cabela bought fishing flies for $45 in Chicago and decided to sell them. However, the local newspaper’s ad wasn’t really successful – he only got one response. Richard didn’t give up, so he put an ad in a national newspaper, Sports Afield, and this is how his business started to grow. Little did he know that those ads would lead his company to become one of the most popular ones in the nation when it comes to equipment for outdoor recreation. 

Cabela’s Mission Statement

Cabela’s mission statement is “Inspiring everyone to enjoy, love, and conserve the great outdoors.” The company has been successfully doing just that for decades by providing omnichannel retail, manufacturing, building resorts and outdoor destinations, protecting and conserving the outdoors, as well as developing a sportsman’s club. 

Omnichannel Retail

Cabela’s provides customers with a unique experience at stores, tailored specifically to the store’s region when it comes to nature, wildlife, and habitat. The team working at the stores is always passionate about helping customers, and the company offers one of the most extensive choices of equipment and gear that you won’t find at many, if any, other places.


Cabela’s is customers’ number 1 spot for finding professional and high-quality fishing boats. If you want Cabela’s experience on land, this company partnered with Textron to manufacture side-by-sides, sports carts, and ATVs and help more people enjoy the outdoors.

Resorts and Outdoor Destinations

Cabela’s provides people with a unique opportunity to connect with nature in their outdoor resorts, which are breathtakingly beautiful. This is perfect for those who are not seeking adventure or too much physical activity, as well as for families to take a break, rest, and just fully enjoy everything Cabela’s destinations have to offer, which is a lot. 

Protecting and Conserving the Outdoors

Cabela’s is uniting more than 200 million individuals passionate about conserving the outdoors. This company is partnering with organizations all across North America to introduce children to nature and its protecting wildlife species and is advocating for the rights of hunters, anglers, and other sportsmen. 

Sportsman’s Club

The loyalty program offered by Cabela’s allows customers to earn credits towards free equipment and gear, as well as opportunities to experience the outdoors while at the same time supporting the conservation and protection of wildlife and nature. 

Cabela’s Vision Statement

Although there isn’t an official Cabela’s vision statement, considering all their mission and values, one can assume that they are planning to do great things in the future. This company is looking to change the way people see and act towards the great outdoors, but more importantly, it is doing the work necessary for the conservation of nature and making the most out of it. We can also expect more people to get involved in the work Cabela’s is doing. 

Cabela’s Core Values 

The company has grown a lot since it was first founded, but the values have remained the same throughout the decades. Johnny Morris, the founder of Bass Pro Shops, shares the same values as the original founder of Cabela’s. Let’s see what Cabela’s core values are. 

Honoring Military and Veterans

While Cabela’s acknowledges that it can never thank the military service and veterans for everything they do, this company is doing everything it can to honor the brave people who fight for their country. It recruits veterans to join the Cabela’s family, provides homes for them, organizes events that help them connect with nature, and offers huge military and veteran discounts on its products. 

Supporting Disaster Relief

Cabela’s is determined to help communities all around the world. One of the ways this company does this is by providing disaster relief in cases of the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, hurricanes, and wildfires. It donated millions of dollars to those who needed it the most during the devastating times.

Connecting More People to Nature 

One of the most important values of Cabela’s is connecting more people to nature. Everything they do is with one goal in mind – to help people connect to the outdoors and make the most out of it. Its products, equipment, events, resort destinations, and other activities all serve to help people understand how important and healing nature is.

Helping the Community

Cabela’s founders and members understand how important it is to give back. One of this company’s values is helping the community it serves, and Cabela’s does it in numerous different ways.


Cabela’s is a company whose doings reflect its mission, vision, and values. This multinational retailer is working to protect and conserve the great outdoors, help more people connect to nature, and give back to its communities. It also provides the highest-quality outdoor equipment at affordable prices, as well as amazing customer support and an interactive and immersive store experience. Considering all that Cabela’s is doing right now, we can expect more great things from this passionate company in the future.

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