DTB REIT Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

DTB REIT mission statement is “to enhance the value of the REIT’s assets and maximize long-term Unit value through the active management of its assets.” It is drawn from its three primary objectives. The first one targets the cash distributions, the second expansion of the real estate, and the last one on enhancements of the value of these assets. It has the following components:

  1. Exceptional services
  2. Improving communities

DTB REIT refers to its client as ‘tenant’ rather than ‘tenant’ to emphasize their importance. Similarly, it ensures that all its services meet a much higher standard, including the relationship it builds. By setting high benchmarks, DTB REIT influences the performance of everyone else in the sector, including its management to levels that leave the society thriving.


DTB REIT is Canadian based real estate investment trust whose business approach has established it as the major influencer in Canada in what it does best – property ownership. In eastern Canada, this company has significant influence with approximately 66 properties since 2005. The mission and vision statements of this company are evidence of its determination to rise as the major influencer and service provider in the real estate industry.

A corporate vision statement is an indication of the future a firm wants. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement explains how the company would get to its desired future. In the case of DTB REIT, the vision statement is about the leadership the company can provide. The mission statement emphasizes on the quality of services that the firm offers while at the same time expanding its asset base. DTB REIT has recorded such fast growth partly due to the role its core values play. They fast-track the progress of the company towards its vision.

Vision Statement

Although DTB REIT has not stated its vision statement, the company emphasizes that it is all about “developing sustainable relationships for your commercial real estate needs and investments.” This statement reflects its ambitions.

As part of its long-term project, DTB REIT is leading in the reinvention of service provision in the real estate sector, including their quality. The work it is doing in various locations is proof of its influence.

Core Values

DTB REIT core values comprise “integrity, teamwork, leadership, respect, and quality.” The company has established a brand whose identity starts with quality and value.

The core values of this company are all selectively chosen to advance the ambition of this company and transform it into a respectable and trustworthy service provider.


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