British Airways mission and vision statement analysis

British Airways is the largest airline company actively providing services in the entire United Kingdom. It was formally established in 1974 by merging different associations, including the British Overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airways. In the beginning, the company was owned by the state government, after which it became a private airline corporation in 1987.

british airways mission statement

BA has its headquarters situated at Harmondsworth, London Borough. Close to the headquarters is located Heathrow Airport, the largest in the UK. Airbus and Boeing are the two major aircraft that operate under the flagship of British Airways. Over the years, several aircraft have been introduced with new and advanced designs and technologies.

With the advent of BA, the Heathrow airport also saw enlargement, the most important expansion being in 2008 when Queen Elizabeth II opened the fifth terminal. Present, British Airways operates across the Atlantic and other continents, ensuring that their services can satisfy the flyers to the maximum.

Since the beginning, BA has always kept their customers’ needs and well-being above theirs. And that’s what helped them in framing a customer-driven mission. British Airlines wants to give the ultimate flying experience to UK citizens and global customers without any bias.

BA’s vision is to bring a change in the world, albeit for its betterment. Whether offsetting carbon emissions from domestic flights or supporting the local communities within and outside the UK, British Airways wants to bring positivity and give the world a purpose of sustainability and togetherness.

To move towards success, British Airways follows its mission and vision, the company actively focuses on its core values and strengthens its workforce. They have always kept the customer first and emphasised the inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds, which has helped British Airways become a customer-centric organization. Let’s explore the British Airways mission, vision, and core values in-depth.

British Airways Mission Statement

British Airways mission statement is “To ensure our customers fly confidently that together, we are acting responsibly to take care of the world we live in”.

The company also aims “To be the undisputed leader in world travel for the next millennium”. besides, the company also focuses on providing the best services to its passengers and becoming a premium airline choice.

As reflected in the above statements, British Airways depict how serious the corporation is in maintaining its global status and providing optimal service to the customers simultaneously. Here are the key messages as mentioned in British Airways mission statement.

Ensuring customer satisfaction

British Airways’ prime target is to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the services, starting with the flight to the onboard assistance, food, entertainment, and others. For this airline, it is customer satisfaction that has propelled them towards improvement and advancement.

Boosting the flyers confidence on air

Getting nervous on board is very common, and most first-time flyers start getting jitters. The air hostesses and others on board take it upon themselves to ensure that everyone can enjoy the flight without fearing anything. British Airways is known for its hospitality and politeness towards everyone, irrespective of social or cultural differences.

Acting responsibly for ensuring safety and security

The corporation aims towards taking its actions so that every flight can take off safely and land securely. Their greatest concern is about the safety of the passengers on the plane, be it any normal citizen or the British Royals themselves.

Connecting various parts of the world

With British Airways serving different parts of the world, they are looking forward to connecting these parts, set apart by geographical, cultural, religious, and other factors.

Providing the best services to the passengers 

As a leading name in the business, British Airways focuses is on providing the best services to the passengers. To ensure this, the company hires the best trained and qualified staff to provide premium service to the flyers, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

Becoming the leading airline company

Lastly, their latest mission statement depicts that British Airways aims to become the leading airline corporation globally, which can provide travel plans for the upcoming millennium without any restriction. For this, British Airways is also focussing on building its infrastructure to math the government policies.

Giving back to the environment 

Britsih Airways wants to become the best airline. This is not just limited to providing premium services to the passengers, but it also includes protecting the environment. In January 2020, BA committed to lowering carbon emissions by participating in global carbon reduction projects like reforestation and rainforest protection. 

British Airways Vision Statement

British Airways vision statement says that “Our corporate responsibility vision is to become the world’s most responsible airline, and we have developed guiding principles that describe what we are doing to achieve this goal”.

Over the years, the corporation has undertaken several corporate responsibilities which delineate their vision. After analyzing their latest vision statement, the following messages could be derived:

Carbon offsetting

One of the major visions of British Airways is to reduce the carbon emissions from their domestic aircraft, both Boeing and Airbus. The corporation heads want to follow the several campaigns kick-started by the royals for sustaining and saving the environment. And this is why they are making plans to reduce carbon emissions. In January 2020, BA committed to lowering carbon emissions by participating in global carbon reduction projects like reforestation and rainforest protection. 

Customer well-being

British Airways is all about satisfying their customers and ensuring their well-being during the flight. Be it by helping the older citizens to the loo or giving a candy bar to a kid, the associates on-board always put the flyers’ well-being above everything else.

Aiding local communities

According to their vision, British Airways is looking forward to assisting the local communities in achieving their dreams. One of the most popular campaigns set by British Airways for achieving this vision is the “Flying Start”.

British Airways Core Values

British Airways mission and vision have a strong underpinning of its core values that form the organization’s DNA. Listed below are the main British Airways core values.

Customer First

First of all, British Airways is all about customers. Every employee working under BA pledges for thinking about the customers first, from ensuring their safety during the flights to helping them have a comfortable ride. Prompt assistance, providing comfort, being polite, and showing hospitality are some of the behaviors BA employees have developed over the years.

Diversity and Inclusion

British Airways believes that they will never succeed in their mission and vision unless they bring diversity in their operations and business. That’s why they have made different plans for introducing diversities in their services. Be it hiring employees outside of UK to planning different international flight routes, the airline corporation believes in the power of unity in diversity.

Embracement of British culture and beliefs

The British culture and beliefs have always been considered to be elite and thoughtful for a long time. According to their culture, respect should be shown to everyone, no matter what he does or who he is. British Airways wants to spread words about embracing their culture and believes through their works and services.


Lastly, they want to excel as an airline company and become the leading corporation in the world. They wish to provide a top-level experience to their customers through flights, affordable ticket fares, advanced aircraft, travel plans, and many more.


British Airways continues to adopt excellent measures to become the most popular and premium airline as mentioned in British airways mission and vision. It has also incorporated the idea of inclusiveness and diversity in its organization. Besides, its efforts to switch to sustainable fuels bring forth the company’s effort to take care of the environment.

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