Bofi Holding Mission and Vision Statements Analysis


Bofi Holding has stood the test of time since 2000 when it started its operations. Since then, this company has prospered in the financial industry led by its mission and vision statements. Recently, the company changed its name to Axos Financial, Inc. to reflect its online products brand. The ability to face changing business dynamics is a strength that has placed Bofi Holdings at the top seat in this sector. A corporate vision statement identifies the future of a company, while a corporate mission statement lays out the strategic approaches that the business would use to get to its future.

In this case of Bofi Holding, the vision statement is all about the victory the company can bring in the financial industry. On the other hand, the mission statement of this firm lays emphasis on the financial experiences and empowerment the company offers its customers. To achieve these goals, Bofi Holdings exploits its core values. They have been critical tools that have seen this company remain committed to its mission and vision.

Mission Statement

Bofi Holding mission statement is that “we challenge the status quo by liberating you from the constraints of traditional banking. With technology-driven financial services that evolve to meet your needs, we help you stay ahead in life and business.” Throughout its growth process, Bofi Holding, currently Axos Financial, has underlined the importance of offering more than conventiona services to its customers. The following components show how it has been achieving this call:

  1. Transitioning through innovation
  2. Improving lives

Based on the first component, Bofi Holding has ushered in a new era free of the rigid traditional banking. The institution introduces the highly flexible, secure and easy to use digital financial products to its customers. Through these products, this company has transformed the lives of people and their business as a whole as represented by the second component.

Vision Statement

Bofi Holding vision statement is consistent with the driving principle of this company stated as “Banking Evolved.” The company clearly states that it has reinvented the financial industry through its services.

Today, customers can enjoy amazing financial services through this online banking system provided by Axos. It is even more attractive as there is no limit geographically or time-wise when a customer can transact their business.

Core values

Bofi Holding core values comprise “excellent customer service, financial strength, and innovation.” These are the principles that define this company.

Since its early days, it maintains these values as the influencers of its activities and services, an aspect that has tremendously contributed to its transformations.


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