Black Lives Matter (BLM) mission and vision statement explained

black lives mission statement vision statement

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a decentralized non-profit making movement that seeks to engage society with the situations of violence and injustice that black people have been suffering in the US for thousands of years.

Despite it started in 2013 after Trayvon Martin was killed, the recent events triggered by the public murder of George Floyd in hands of the police on May 25, 2020, took the movement to a new level, reaching areas where it had never been before.

George Perry Floyd Jr. was an African American man who had been arrested presumably for passing a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis. While being under police custody on the street, the white officer Derek Chauvin knelt his neck for 8:46 minutes to death. What they didn’t know was that a witness was recording the crime with his mobile phone creating a video that went viral in a matter of minutes, not only throughout the country but also the world

The video was so evident and revealing that it generated outrage throughout the population. The response was sustained and widespread as never before. Demonstrations occurred in all 50 states and DC of the United States even in predominantly white cities and rural communities.

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter came to be used 17,000 times a day in all kinds of platforms like Instagram and Twitter, but also the fun ones like TikTok. Even celebrities supported the cause online under the hashtag #ShareTheMic. This time it was different, the BLM movement was becoming globally relevant and more racially diverse. Thousands of white protesters as well as multi-ethnical protesters stood next to black activists.

The breeding ground

Several times in the history of the US, African American citizens have suffered from violence and injustice from the state because of their skin color. Cases like Eric Garner and Michael Brown had also received mass media attention. However, Floyd’s was extreme and global, perhaps due to the context that created the breeding ground to make this explosion.

First, there was a video that made the crime very obvious and grotesque. It happened in the Covid-19 pandemic scenario with high levels of unemployment and popular dissatisfaction with the government’s poor reaction and hundreds of thousands of death due to the infection.

Also, George Floyd’s murder was the third of a series of three in a row: Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old man was shot on 23 February in Georgia after a burglary suspect, while Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old health worker was shot eight times by the police in her flat in Kentucky.

Mission and vision statements

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a global humanitarian organization that is present in the US, UK, and Canada. It promotes all kinds of initiatives aiming to include the black people in society, educate and empower them about their rights and make the daily injustices that they go through visible.

Its mission is to Eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes.

Components of the mission statements:

Eradicate white supremacy: It means that they fight to end with the racist belief that white people are superior or better than the rest of the races justifying dominance over them.

Build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on black communities: By different actions and initiatives, they seek to create awareness among societies about the injustices that the black population goes through in everyday life. In addition to the programs that they hold, they have gained a high level of visibility among social networks and the online universe.

By the state and vigilantes: Besides violence and racism is commonplace in the US, BLM is dedicated to unmasking the systemic violence against innocent black people. This includes working for the unearth of anti-black state violence and calling relevant authorities’ attention to act properly.

Black Lives Matter’s vision is to work for a world where black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise. This means that in the long term, their goal is to change the world and gain respect for black people so they stop being killed due to their skin color. In other words, they seek to end with racist violence.

Initiatives and programs

BLM seeks to combat and counter acts of violence and at the same time, “create space for black imagination and innovation” to win improvements in the lives of black people. They fight to their rights but also work to improve their quality of life.

Specifically, they carry out two programs:

  • Black Lives Matter Arts+Culture seeks to uplift emerging black artists who speak up for the most marginalized among the community through artistic expression and engagement. It seeks to educate communities on the intersection of culture, art, and politics. “We will empower our communities, change the landscape, and inspire new realities”, they claim.
  • Black Futures Month is an event celebrated annually in February together with the Black History Month. The goal is to challenge society and construct a world where black people are free.

Global prominence

The Black Lives Matter was created in the context of the historical legacy of the systemic mistreatment of black people. They have been suffering from violence and injustice from the police, criminal justice, and social institutions generally in America.

This movement has appeared as a reflection and a reaction to that legacy. There are dozens of organizations fighting for the civil rights of the black population in the US but BLM has gained unprecedented visibility due to the last events. They have created a powerful message and took advantage of social networks to spread it all around the world.


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49 responses to “Black Lives Matter (BLM) mission and vision statement explained”

  1. John Bragg Avatar

    Lots of words but no real substance. What have this group accomplished? Where are they working right now? How are they working to quell the black on black violence that has increased the last 4-6 weeks all because the BLM has called for de-funding the police. I haven’t heard one peep about the increased black on black violence. Proving you don’t need police officers to have dead blacks. Apparently blacks do that by them selves just fine? Where is the loving BLM for them? And there have been black children killed by gang shootings. I never heard a peep from the BLM about them.NOT ONE!!! How about the retired black police officer killed back in June? NOTHING from the BLM!!! All I know is the leader has vowed to tear down America and get rid of the police. Wonderful! oh and then set himself up as leader I suppose?
    This organization and its so called leadership is full of bullsh!t.

  2.  Avatar

    I believe black lives do matter, but the BLM organization is not helping black people at all. They are collecting millions of dollars and have nothing to show for it and no explanation as to where the money is really going. Getting people to riot and burn down their own neighborhoods is not progress. The things written above do not touch on the core of the organization and its founders who are trained marxist who want to “disrupt the nuclear family.” Read their actual website. This is nonsense.

  3.  Avatar

    This reads like a declaration. Black Lives Matter is a black supremacy group that is trying to get us to believe deception.

  4.  Avatar

    black lives matter is a marxist government hiding under a name that will draw attention. the marxist movement has been underway in the United States for decades with one of the first organizational supporters being black panthers. ku klux klan was also a supporter of the marxist gov’t while making itself to be a conservative white nationalist organization. kkk was founded, by the way, by the democratic party. the only question I have concerning this whole thing is- are the American people ignorant enough to allow it to happen. it is, in fact, our choice to make-not blm’s.

  5.  Avatar

    Violence and injustice for thousands of years? Really? USA only 244 years old.
    BLM a “global humanitarian organization? Really? How many scholarships awarded? Neighborhood cleaned? Housing for the elderly? Food pantries?
    “Black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise”? Look no further than Planned parenthood founded by white supremacist Margaret Sanger.
    So far extorted $1.5 bil – where’s the money? Who controls it? Who’s their leader? Staff? Administrative offices?

  6. Jerome Watts Avatar
    Jerome Watts

    What is beyond any belief is yahoo has a button for black lives matter. They said in their real mission statement which you failed to include is they want to change the US Democrat ic Republic to a MARXIST Communist Society. The leaders are trained Marxist. They freely admit to it. So no opinion here , it is a matter of fact. If they do not get what they want , then violence is justified in their mission. They stated they want to get rid of all white supremacy. There are no much supremacist in the US. White they really mean is White Nationalist. No liberals ever say white Nationalist. They are a group of white people proud of their heritage. Unlike BLM White nationalist are not violent or racist and they do not march and riot . Hell their not even organized.
    Shame on you yahoo for endorsing such a horrible organization.

  7.  Avatar

    The mission statement appears to have been written by a brainwashed 7th grader.

  8.  Avatar

    You should probably change this statement,”Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a decentralized non-profit making movement that seeks to engage society with the situations of violence and injustice that black people have been suffering in the US for thousands of years” it makes you sound stupid the united states hasnt been a country but 238 years. i guess the millennials aren’t the only ones who dont know history.

  9. Mike Isbell Avatar
    Mike Isbell

    …”black people have been suffering in the US for thousands of years” THOUSANDS OF YEARS??? REALLY???

  10.  Avatar

    A message is better understood when written in grammatically correct English, which this is not. George Floyd’s autopsy results at trial will almost certainly result in an acquittal as this was not second degree murder. The officer in Atlanta will likewise be acquitted because he responded appropriately per department policy when confronted with a criminal resisting arrest & shooting a taser at him. The BLM movement is built on a false narrative perpetuated by a complicit media. The FBI crime statistics don’t lie, but the media does. Here’s a news flash people… people prefer to associate with those who are similar to themselves & share their values. It’s human nature, not racism. This is universally true of all races.
    The “values” that greatly improve an American’s chances of success are simple: complete high school as a minimum; get a job compatible with your abilities, do your best, & stick with it until you obtain a better job; don’t use elicit drugs or excessive alcohol; don’t have children out of wedlock; obey the law. It is sad that this has become so difficult for many to understand.
    Everyone’s life is valued more by others when it is not dysfunctional, disruptive, or the antithesis of respect, peace, love, & harmony.

  11.  Avatar

    hi, I am a 69 year old native American/Irish woman, I have worked as a therapist in Washington DC for 35 years, mostly in what is always referred to as “bad neighborhoods”. I also have mainly worked with black people, I find myself ashamed of my country for the disrespect and targeting of people who “happen” to be black I use the work “happen” because none of us have any control over what family we are born into and it is utterly ridiculous to target people for something that they did not cause to happen. I did not meet someone black until 1969 when I enlisted in the navy and my two black roommates could not have been more different, one was given the choice of boot camp or jail (as she was running gangs in new york) and the other, except for being black could have been my twin we had the same accident and had both grown up so poor that we didn’t have electricity or running water when growing up. Later when I worked in a residential substance abuse center, what I noticed is that the white people we had who were prejudiced got past that because of knowing black people as people, I really think that that is the solution, I just don’t know how we can get it to happen. I am currently married to a black man (although he is my 3rd husband, my first two were white), and the one person I claim as family beyond him is my best friend of 27 years who is also black, she also explained to me that overall it takes black men longer to marry you than white.

  12.  Avatar

    Who ever wrote this mission statement must think all blacks are uneducated, “black people have been suffering in the US for thousands of years.” The US has only been a country for 244 years. This is very insulting. It’s also a lie!

  13.  Avatar

    Black people have been targeted for thousand of years?? Wrong. Look at stats on black on black, black on white, white on white. Blacks along with some whites have grown up with a victims mentality, blaming everyone for their problems. Men need to take responsibility for their children and get out of the system, take responsibility for their lives. If all this is true how did we end up with a black president, Oprah Winfrey, black Supreme Court justices, blacks in arts, theater, actors, mayors, governors, doctors,?

    1.  Avatar

      Rhoda, you need to watch the documentary 13th on Netflix. I promise you, it will open your mind. The thousand years thing seems to be an exaggeration but everything else is accurate. Why do you have a problem?

  14.  Avatar

    stupid stupid stupid

  15.  Avatar

    To be fair, most dems are white.

  16.  Avatar

    what happens when you cross a criminal with a dirty cop? free televisions for everybody

  17.  Avatar

    What about the white five year old child that was shot in the head by his black neighbor for riding his bicycle down the street? The young white mother who was shot to death for stating that all lives matter? I guess that’s okay???

  18.  Avatar

    As long as you focus on only changing the behavior of white people and the police and not the behavior of the black community you will not accomplish much of anything. Acknowledge that issues with the black community (such as 70% of black families being raised without a father, or that black men who are 6.5% of the population commit 44% of the murders and 50% of the felonies in this country 2018 stats, or that America’s inner cities are a disaster under largely black leadership) must be included in the discussion (it takes courage to look at your own faults in advocating for change). If you do this you will actually make progress in solving problems not just for black Americans but all Americans…all lives really do matter

    1.  Avatar

      You don’t matter

      1.  Avatar

        Which is why BLM doesn’t matter.

  19.  Avatar

    The 3 countries mentioned in this article are the US, Canada, and England, quite possibly the 3 most liberal countries in the world when it comes to equality for people of color. BLM is preaching to the choir in this article. We do need to improve our race relations, but they will never get better through riots, looting, burning, and destroying private and public property. BLM has used a horrible event to justify acting criminally with these activities. They have already made their point moot.

  20.  Avatar

    Why do blacks riot or protest when a black man is shot? Do you know more whites are shoot and killed by police then another groups?
    In 2020 so far 215 Whites , 111 Blacks, and 71 Hispanic were shot. All rioting does is hurt all of us. Police have a tough job. Changes are needed, but rioting doesn’t help it only makes it worse. Education, taking care of your kids and giving back to your community are a few things we all can to do help. How about respecting the law?

    1.  Avatar

      You whites don’t understand

      1.  Avatar

        Which is why BLM doesn’t matter.

      2.  Avatar

        Once a Slave always a slave – Unfortunately
        Because of your need to be slaves you think people like Pelosi, Biden, A. Sharpton, J. Jackson, Trump, etc. care for you and your cause. But blinded by inherent instinct you believe in them instead of seeing their true and proven intent to enslave you. Follow the money and power trail to see the truth. Do you have the depth / capability to look beyond their facade? Or will you continue to be outsmarted by politicians, whose fortunes are based on the fact that you are not smart enough to see they have used you. Look back in history. There is a reason black African leaders sold blacks around the world to slave owners worldwide. I want to believe you have the depth / capability/ smarts to see beyond their political façade. Can you look beyond or are going to continue being blinded by anger, racism, hate and out smarted/ used/ enslaved by Antifa, Socialism movement, Democrats, ACLU -J.Jackson- A. Sharpton, etc. I pray you will see… but unfortunately it looks like once a slave always a slave. Oh and by the way I am not white…

  21.  Avatar

    Been tormented by white people in the USA for “thousands of years”?? How? The USA is only 244 years old! Guess you didn’t know that. You need to have your articles checked for grammar, spelling, and general common sense prior to publishing them. I suppose things like that could contribute to some people thinking others are superior to other people. Everyone in the USA has opportunities to make a good life for themselves. If people would listen to what police are telling or asking them to do they would not end up being shot and killed. I have NEVER heard of any person being killed by police who was NOT involved in or suspected of a crime when it happened! If you’re committing a crime and it ends in your death…that is YOUR FAULT!! Had you not been involved in a crime you would have avoided the entire situation. Being black DOES NOT entitle you to act however you please and do whatever you want! And FYI: a peaceful protest DOES NOT INCLUDE THROWING ROCKS, BLOCKING TRAFFIC, THREATENING PEOPLE, USE OF ANY KIND OF WEAPON, ETC. You SHOULD be able to comprehend that.

  22.  Avatar

    Why aren’t you stepping in to help the black on black violence in Chicago? Why aren’t you stepping in to stop the rioting and destruction of black owned businesses?
    Illinois has black leadership at every level and where is the help- why aren’t blacks helping blacks?
    Your mission is a load of crap. It creates more division and violence.

    1.  Avatar

      Those gangsters in Chicago are different Italian mob in New York stop them from killing?

  23.  Avatar

    Where the Black Lives Matter? With all the protests since George Floyd died in Minneapolis police custody BLM been silent about all the shootings and riots in the Black neighborhoods. What’s up with that?

  24. Ken Lott Avatar
    Ken Lott

    how can people take you seriously when you riot, loot, fight and kill others? you of the blm are making yourselves look very stupid. why dont you repent and ask christ to be your savior? then, you would come to know that all life is equal to God.

  25.  Avatar

    Why are they promoting violence, and why are they ignoring the fact that slavery still exists in the world, mostly people of color owning other people of color? This is just another racist organization in a world that could do with less such organizations. Before you start feeling guilty for things you never did, you might want to investigate what you are feeling guilty about!

  26.  Avatar

    Hypocrisy, racism and evil Marxism is what BLM stands for.

  27.  Avatar

    Want to know who’s behind BLM?…… Anti-male lesbians like Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi, that’s who…

  28. Joseph DeJong Avatar
    Joseph DeJong

    “….situations of violence and injustice that black people have been suffering in the US for thousands of years.” LOL!!!! Don’t you guys do any research before writing these things? I suppose I’m white, but I didn’t choose it, and I have no problems with black people; I actually like them more than whites..

  29. Zainabou Avatar

    This Black Lives Matter movement has nothing to do with the Black Family. They are funded by white liberals that have no agenda to put the Black Fathers in the home.


    Just try it BLM and AFTIFA, just try it!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous Avatar

    Yes. We’ve seen the art spray painted all over the land like ACAB All Cops Are Bastards. BLM has done nothing for the black community! President Trump did much more for people of color. Just a bunch of dumb thugs looking for an opportunity to burn , loot and pretend they’ve been so oppressed! I think Obama went to their heads And somehow think they’re superior to others! Wow! Sounds like racism to me. I hope our Military puts an end to their terrorist activities once and for all! 🇺🇸

  32. Andrew Paton Avatar
    Andrew Paton

    BLM don’t seem to care about black on black murders on the streets of democrat run cities across America.

  33. Jim Scott Avatar
    Jim Scott

    Just another organization bent on dividing Americans so they will fight each other. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Jesus Christ

  34. Jim Scott Avatar
    Jim Scott

    The real issues facing the black community are more related to keeping family units together. Statistics show that single-parent homes are more likely to breed criminals, no matter what race. The family is best if it is faithful to God. As we see more and more removal of God from the media, schools, and communities we will see more crime, more broken homes, more suicides, drugs, alcoholism, disrespect for authority, and so on. Did the suspect surrender to police authority willingly, or did he disrespect the police authority and resist? Fathers and mothers teach respect for authority in the home, or the children will suffer when they are out in the world and disrespect authority. Isn’t it interesting that the last verse in the Old Testament is so concerned with turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers? Without that, it says, God will visit the earth with a curse. The Bible says in the last days that “ethnos” shall rise against “ethnos” as we see today; i.e., racial disharmony. It is so easy to work people up into a frenzy of hate against each other, but difficult to work in harmony as Americans. Can we work together and avoid separating ourselves? Can we be friends in our communities? Can we help each other to rise above and succeed? It will take a lot more than social programs and reparations. It will take the work of God. You can keep throwing money at the problem, but it never solves it. Men’s hearts need to be changed. We need to love our neighbors as ourselves. We need to turn our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruninghooks. We need to work together to make a better world. We are all Americans. We have inherited a country that began when the world was still using slaves. In fact, the man who wrote Amazing Grace was a white man who was a slave to a black woman. The first slave owner in America was a black man given the name of Johnson, and he had white slaves. Over 80 of the slaveowners in the South were blacks. Suppression of the blacks was part of the Democrat party platform, and no Republicans were black slave owners, except one who was a Democrat first and then changed to being a Republican. Many lives were lost in the Civil War to make America free for blacks. We are not so far away from those days. My great grandfather fought in the Civil War to free the slaves, and he was white. Many white men and black men fought to free the slaves. America is getting better, not worse. In the Johnson administration the war on poverty made it easier for black families to break apart, as the mother would still have income to feed and house her children with welfare and she didn’t need a husband. These same neighborhoods were a focal point for abortion clinics, thanks to the racist ethnic cleansing principles put forth my Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Let’s stop destroying our families, and let’s work together to make our families happy homes for our children. Let’s not make isolated police actions such a big deal, when there are many more blacks killing blacks. Focus on families and God, not on media and division. Let’s create opportunities for all. We’ve had a black president, and we will have more. Dr. Ben Carson is a shining example of a black man who, in spite of his bad situation, made a great achievement out of his life. George Washington Carver, too. So many great black men and women have supported and proudly defended the Constitution of the United States. It would be a travesty to turn this ship around in the wrong direction by creating division over racial tension from the mainstream media and private interest groups who greatly financially benefit from their fame in the same media, and who promote violence rather than rule of law because they do not respect our values and our persons in authority. We need to make sure our votes count, and we elect good representatives so we have peace and harmony and good laws. Pray for America. Pray for black families. Read your Bible.

  35. Jeff Martin Avatar
    Jeff Martin

    Police should be treated like everyone in the workplace and life where they are arrested for any crime like the rest of the world and interviewed for complaints leading to charges or disaplinary actions. The police force is the only job in the world where you don’t have to worry about breaking the law or losing your job for wrong doings or costing the force and civilians millions in law suits. If they were treated like everyone else the world would be a better and just place to live in. …..

  36. None Avatar

    Nothing will be accomplished with hatred; love conquers all! “All lives matter to God” for those who claim a faith-based opinion (Gen. 1:26-27). For the non-faith based, it is our Constitutional right, “All mankind is created equal.” I am 100% against any group or organization that feels the need to be superior! Take a page out of the late, great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He never condoned violence to accomplish the mission of equality. We are permitting evil thoughts to prevail which will never bring peace and harmony. We are all people of color, and until we accept, love, and respect one another as human beings verses our ethnicity, race, gender, and creed(s), we will continue to spin on this wheel of hatred…but once love and understanding sink deep within our hearts and in our actions, division, destruction, and death will continue. May God forgive us for such hatred!

  37. none Avatar

    I purposely left out my name and contact info because people who hate will target!

  38. D F Avatar
    D F

    I agree blacks kill blacks more often… BLM just want to separate our country and control our way of life. They don’t believe in the Constitution…and want to change of way of Life! Through their lies by deceiving the American people. Soros is evil, he’s the devil in disguise…telling lies after lies. As for protecting innocent people, I’m all for that! But, not criminals that want to use this as way of saying there innocent and oppressed…George Floyd was not innocent, even though what the officer did was not justified. He died because he consumed drugs and had heart and lung problems. He was a gangster…and committed a lot of crimes. He held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly and robbed her…where’s that justice! BLM is trying to destroy our country and bring us into a Marxist nation… “not on my watch! God and Our Country will Prevail!”

  39. END TO LIBERALS Avatar

    DEC 25 2021!!!! I’m GONNA BE ENDING THE LIFES OF BLM FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN. I will also be participating in an assassination on the US President and VP, as they are deemed unworthy to be in office. Any Liberals that get in the way will perish as well.

  40. anonymous Avatar

    Black people are not equal to white people in this country, and EVERYONE commenting on this page is highly aware of this!!!!! I’m commenting not because of BLM but because I believe in equality for everyone. It’s really sickening to read some of the comments regarding this matter. Racism is everywhere and you guys know it. We all are equal; I’ve never heard of a person needing a vital organ turn down the donation because the person wasn’t the right race. Let that marinate for a while for all you racist folks out there.

  41. Anonymous Avatar

    The race-based victimization card does not build anything lasting. I’m a big fan of Thomas Sowell and many other interviewed authors in “Uncle Tom” that dispel many of the complaints and foundational premises of BLM. In this country, if you pursue education and work hard, you can achieve the American dream and you won’t need an organization like BLM. I find the history of the black community over the past 50 years a paradox where John F. Kennedy and LBJ launched “The Great Society”. It ruined the REPUBLICAN black community resulting in broken families, drugs, unwanted pregnancies, and crime. If you want to get ahead, it is called work and education and not welfare as it destroys the work ethic. BLM has taken a vague and wrong-headed approach; in the end you won’t find any practical, lasting solutions.

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