BCU (Birmingham City University) Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

BCU mission statement is “enabling personal transformation and the University for Birmingham.” As an academic institution, BCU focusses on the intellectual impacts it has on its students. The statement comprises of the following features:

  1. Improving lives
  2. Changing the world

At BCU (Birmingham City University), students have a wide range of options to choose from based on the courses offered by the University. In addition, they benefit from different skill honing training and real-life exposures sponsored by BCU to help them achieve their ambitions career-wise. With the specialized training that BCU offers, the institution directly contributes to the development of both the communities where it is located and the world.


Birmingham City University (BCU) is among the best institutions of higher learning in the UK with a long history of excellence in arts and other disciplines since 1843. The mission and vision statements of this institution are a reflection of the rapid development and achievements of BCU. A corporate mission statement is defined as the strategies that develop a company. On the other hand, a vision statement is the future position that an institution such as the BCU wants to achieve.

In this case analysis, the mission statement of BCU (Birmingham City University) is about the reputation that it sets in its city while impacting on individuals. Its vision statement emphasizes on its commitment to lead in the creativity and professional niche in the UK and beyond. BCU prominence to date has a lot to do with its core values as well. They have been instrumental in the progressive growth and establishment of a winning culture in the university.

Vision Statement

BCU vision statement is “to be the leading university for creative and professional practice inspired by innovation and enquiry.” The statement emphasizes on the desire of this institution to be the best in the courses and professional training that it offers. The following features make up this statement:

  1. Leading university
  2. Innovation and enquiry

The first feature of this vision statement brings out the leadership aspect of BCU. It explains why the institution stresses on quality and thorough training to ensure it leads by example. The facility also incorporates other advanced elements of innovations in its teaching approaches, making it the best in creative education.

Core Values

BCU core values comprise “excellence, people-focused, partnership working and fairness and integrity.” The entire BCU fraternity is led by these values. They form a strong culture that leads to the performance of this institution while making it a home for all.

They are the guide to everything that the institution does.


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