BCG Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Established in 1963, the Boston Consultancy Group or the BCG is one of the top global firms that offer management consultancy. Bruce Henderson was the founding father who established the company as a subsidiary of The Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company. In the beginning, his consultancy firm only had the financial banks as the clients. After the first month’s billing, Bruce earned only $500. The business started to grow month by month, and when Anderson saw that he alone couldn’t manage all of them, he hired a second consultant named Arthur P. Contas. 

bcg mission statement

In 1966, the company officially opened its first international office in Tokyo, Japan. By 1979, Henderson had bought all the shares from the parent company, The Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company, making BCG an independent consultation management firm. 

Presently, the company is operational in the entire world in more than 50 countries. Altogether, the company now operates with 22,000 employees and has around 500 clients seeking BCG management consultancies. 

The company’s mission is to bring transformation in the current thinking’s of the world, thereby ensuring to unlock insights for the betterment of their clients. Bruce Anderson himself conceived this thought, and the same ideology flows in people who work here.  It’s been motivating the company to provide the optimal and most innovative services to their clients. 

Their purpose is to identify those who can bring advancements in the world and unlock their talents and skills, kept hidden for so long. All in all, BCG is trying to change how business heads manage their companies and bring efficiency in the global management system but in a better and innovative way. 

BCG Mission Statement 

BCG mission statement says that “We go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act. We hire the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage”. 

To put it in simple words, BCG mission statement is to hire the best people in the system who are motivated to transform the industry. Over the years, the company has focused on breaking the conventional thoughts and bringing forth new developments; the company has also focused on developing a team that can lead with integrity. Let’s assess BCG mission statement at length. 

Unlocking a different insight globally

BCG’s main aim is to change the perception of the world through its innovative ideas and active actions. They want to go much deeper, understand the current perception of the world, and then unlock a completely different insight that will be accepted globally.

Building up the courage to take actions 

The company heads want to encourage both their employees and clients to take actions that their hearts desire. According to the company, whenever one’s heart desires something, proper action should be taken with courage, not letting fear build up in their hearts.

Hiring people for challenging the stereotype thoughts

BCG is looking forward to recruiting more people who can challenge the way the world thinks. They want to hire employees who can challenge the stereotypic ways of thinking that their clients still believe in. 

Introducing transformations 

Over the years, BCG has always implemented innovative and different actions which have led to transformations. The company wants to change how its clients have conducted their businesses. Through their high-end management tips, BCG wants to bring in more transformations in the world. 

Building capabilities for gaining sustainability 

Lastly, the company is looking forward to making itself capable enough to ensure clients gain more sustainability in their businesses. BCG heads believe that with sustainability, their clients will manage their businesses and companies better than earlier. 

The key objective of the organization is to grow with the growth of its clients. To ensure this, the company follows higher ethical standards, channeling diversity in their workforce so that they can comprehend the client’s requirements and match up to their requirements. To achieve these objectives, the company focuses on helping unlock their employee’s potential, consider their growth with their clients’ growth, lead with integrity, and create an everlasting impact. 

BCG Vision Statement 

BCG vision statement says “Our main purpose is unlocking the potential of those who advance the world”. BCG envisions unlocking employees’ potential and exposing them to a new world that holds a lot of prospects of growth. To embody this vision into reality, the company focusses on the following aspects:

Transformation is mandatory

One of the main purposes of BCG is to bring transformations in the way the businesses are being handled so far. The company heads are constantly encouraging their clients to introduce transformations in the business management so that everything can be operated smoothly with no hurdle or roadblock. 

Making the company purpose-driven

It is the dream of BCG to ensure that their clients can become purpose-driven. Several companies worldwide are losing their position in the market because they can’t decide on a particular purpose. This is where BCG will help their clients find a purpose for their business and change their visions to achieve the goals easily. 

Creating new digital market opportunities 

Being a consultancy management firm, BCG wants to create more opportunities for its employees and clients in the digital market. They want to introduce more suitable and innovative opportunities that will help them understand the digital market properly and take their businesses to new heights. 

BCG Core Values 

BCG core values are what drives them to remain at the top of the business chain. And that’s why the company is still considered one of the Big Three management consultancies. Following are the major core values that the company has adopted over the years:

Clients come first 

For BCG, the requirement of the client always reigns supreme. The company measures its success with the success of its clients. BCG always ensures that its clients deliver exceptional results.

Delivering values

The company has always provided its client with the best services while maintaining complete integrity.

Establishing long-term relationships 

This is limited to the clients and the people who work with BCG.


BCG always focuses on developing new ways to transform and break the barriers.

Social impact 

Besides achieving the numbers, the company also focuses on creating a social impact by employing people from different cultures, which helps nurture a culture of inclusion.


BCG takes the complete onus of its work and holds itself accountable for the task it undertakes.


Each individual’s role is important and contributes to the company’s growth.


BCG takes pride in its culturally diverse workforce that sets this company way ahead of others. 


BCG has been able to retain its position as one of the leading management consultancy firms over the years by staying true to BCG mission and vision along with adherence to core values.  The focus of the company to serve its clients, out of the box approach and high ethos have made it reign supreme. 

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