BayCare Mission Statement Analysis

BayCare is a leading not-for-profit organization formed back in 1997 by a group of Tampa Bay local hospitals with an aim of providing health care facilities to the Tampa Bay community. Over the years, it has progressed well and has also formed a community of individuals and families. Today, BayCare has 15 more community hospitals known for providing integrated health care at easily accessible locations throughout Tampa Bay and Central Florida regions.

Today, BayCare is known for excellence in not just health care but also customized personal health care. It strives to continuously improve its healthcare services through carefully designed and tailor-made patient care after a thorough assessment of patient requirements, betterment ways, opportunities to push the services further, etc.

Quality services and compassionate care for patients stand to be the two primary pillars of the mission followed by BayCare. Over the past many years after its foundation, BayCare has put its best efforts to improve multi-dimensionally.

All BayCare hospital divisions working in co-operation with BayCare Health System have the same mission and vision as BayCare.

BayCare Health System prioritizes certain values and principles based on which the team of BayCare propagates their services and health services. These values essentially include trust, respect, dignity, and responsibility towards the achievement of excellence in health care services.

BayCare has grown into a wide network of health care providers with hospitals attached with it who have experience of caregiving for over 75 years. With a notion to provide high-quality health care facilities and compassionate care to all, BayCare offers intensive care for both inpatients and outpatients. The comprehensive range of health care facilities to help community people of the Tampa Bay and Central Florida region, includes laboratory, acute care, imaging, primary care, behavioral health, wellness centers, as well as home care, etc.

BayCare Mission statement

BayCare mission statement is “BayCare Health System will improve the health of all we serve through community-owned health care services that set the standard for high-quality, compassionate care.”

Principles of Quality Philosophy

As the mission of BayCare defines quality services as one of its primary intended focuses, the work and services designed by BayCare also revolve around main three principles. The key pillars of the Quality Philosophy as specified by BayCare are process focus, customer needs, and continuous improvement without which superior and quality health services are not possible. These three pillars work like the pyramid of quality with customer needs being the primary base.

Customer Needs

BayCare has founded its Quality Model based on customer needs, which is part of service, cost, and outcome. BayCare intends to excel in its services with affordable cost and an outcome that exceeds patient’s expectations.

Process Focus

BayCare distinguishes the second qualifying tenet of its Quality Philosophy as the Process Focus. The Healthcare system is primarily dependent on process, which includes multiple stages, which complete a process. This involves the diagnosis of disease, treatment procedure finalization, medication, hospitalization, and so on. Process focus helps to identify errors and scopes of improvement thus paving a way for upgrading quality healthcare services.

Continuous Improvement

The last tenet which completes the Quality Philosophy Pyramid is that of continuous improvement. Improvement has no limits in the healthcare segment with constant changes and advancements in medical facilities. So, BayCare constantly looks for the scope of improvement and opportunities to enhance service quality.

BayCare Vision Statement

BayCare corporate vision is “BayCare is an extraordinary team leading the way to high-quality care and personalized customer-centered health.”

As highlighted in their vision statement, BayCare values the role played by its team in helping BayCare offer high-quality and personalized health care services. Further, BayCare is known as one of the best workplaces as it cares for its people.

The above-mentioned BayCare vision statement is for the entire organization and its various divisions. BayCare aims to deliver modern, advanced, and superior upscale healthcare services and wants to be an exceptional patient-centric health organization. Quality and superior services and satisfying and compassionate care are what BayCare aims to achieve.

As mentioned on, 90% of employees who work at BayCare Health System, Inc. are quite happy and think it is a nice place to work.  It got Great Place to Work ® recognitions as 2019 in Best Workplaces in Health Care. For the second consecutive year, IBM Watson Health® has listed BayCare in the top 20% of large health systems the country has.

BayCare HomeCare Vision Statement Explained

BayCare HomeCare envisions to offer quality HomeCare with compassion and care with the help and support of its hospital partners, physicians, and the community.

BayCare Behavioral Health Vision Statement Explained

BayCare Behavioral Health focuses on providing therapeutic services for the recovery of patients suffering from trauma, serious diseases, and injuries, etc. It further perceives itself as achieving excellence with innovation in its services.

St. Anthony’s Hospital Vision Statement Explained

St. Anthony’s Hospital aims to provide improved and exceptional health care through unmatched patient care and mental health.

St. Joseph’s Hospitals Vision Statement Explained

St. Joseph’s Hospitals/South Florida Baptist Hospital envisions to be a leading name in its area by achieving excellence in medicine and health. 

BayCare Core Values

BayCare corporate values ​​ are trust, dignity, respect, responsibility, and excellence. These values can be better understood by the following five behaviors demonstrated by its people.

  • Build Trust: At BayCare, they believe in valuing and respecting people, their opinions and ideas while always maintaining dignity.
  • Imagine It:  To attain excellence, they focus on innovative solutions for improving healthcare.  
  • Own It: They believe that they are responsible for attaining excellence in healthcare for the sake of the communities. For this, they are ready to face challenges and make the best of the opportunities that come by.
  • Let us Talk: They believe in swift, open, and honest communication.
  • Be BayCare: They strongly believe in staying united and working as one big organization.

To understand the quality culture idolized and followed by BayCare Health System, let us delve into the elements that build the quality culture.

Leadership: BayCare’s leadership takes into account day-to-day work patterns, strategic planning, implementation of schedules, etc. Leadership is an in-built quality that helps any organization to improve its quality further, by progressively participating in team works and progressive projects.

Communication: BayCare Health System is a comprehensive system encompassing different units of healthcare and hospitals. To improve quality in such a system, leaders need to continuously communicate with Hospital Divisions through department meetings, newsletters, and town meetings. Leaders are the core responsibility in establishing reliable and uniform communication to keep up quality work standards in every unit.

Education and Training: In a profession and service where there is constant change and scope for knowledge acquiring one needs to involve education and training as an integral part of its developmental system to maintain upscale quality service. Therefore, leaders offer training programs, educative sessions, and scopes for both personal and professional improvement.

A quality culture cannot survive without an appropriate system of acknowledgment and appreciation through rewards and recognitions. This kind of system boosts the spirits of teams and workers to move ahead and achieve higher goals of quality service. Therefore, BayCare comprehensive ensures to:

  • Recognizing the roles and responsibilities of leaders, teams, and workers.
  • Segregation of responsibilities at different layers of work culture.
  • Encouraging the growth of learning culture with training programs, learning, and educative seminars and sessions.

Thus, BayCare puts in every effort to transform their achievements during their journey. With elaborate and progressive values as stated in BayCare Mission Statement, it heads towards enhancing its services with better quality and compassion every day.

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