Bath & Body Works Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Bath&Body Works Mission Statement
Bath&Body Works Mission Statement

Bath and Body Works is a specialty retailer. It started its operations in 1900, and its headquarters is located at New Albany in Ohio.  It officially became an independent brand after its parent company, the L Brand, separated Victoria Secrets and Bath & Body Works into two separate organizations in July 2021.

Bath & Body Works started its digital business in 2006 when it launched its website and made it public for the first time. Presently, the company has over 1900 stores across the globe and also serves its customers with its digital platform. It has been able to increase its revenue by bringing in business using options like digital marketing, franchises, etc.

With the growing revenues and the turnovers, the company can diversify its product range, starting from basic body care items like moisturizers and toners to gift sets for men and women. After all, its main mission is to introduce personal and body care products by taking inspiration and knowledge from nature and fusing them with modern technology.

As L brands have split in 2021, Bath & Body Works is now looking forward to focusing on the skincare industry. The skincare market will drive more sales to the company in the upcoming two to three years, which is why they are already gearing up for it. While doing so, the company aims at providing the best quality products to its customers. Hopefully, with their team of experts and professionals, the company will secure a golden future for itself.

Bath & Body Works will be trying everything to include more products for different markets, like body care, fragrance, skincare, etc. The company has achieved a lot since its conception. Now, it has become an independent brand with a promising future.

Bath & Body Works Mission Statement

Bath & Body Works Mission statement is “We make the world a brighter, happier place through the power of fragrance.”

Another similar statement as mentioned on Bath and Body works online store is,  “For over 20 years, we’ve created the scents that make you smile.”

Here are some of the key aspects of Bath and Body Works mission/purpose:

  • Products that mesmerize: Products Bath & Body Works aims to offer the best products that are inspired from nature. In fact, it is one of the best companies in the personal care industry, owing to amazing fragranced products from shower gels to scents and body lotions to candles and more. Customers love its fragranced and flavorful indulgences.
  • Spreads happiness: The company aims to make the world a happy place through its products and services. It wants to give people a reason to celebrate. It is focused to ensure that their products and services are of the topmost quality and bring smiles on its customers faces.
  • Providing the best products: Bath & Body Works has always focused on the quality of their products, be it the three-wicked candle or the fragrant body soaps or any other. The company experts aim to venture further into the personal care industry with innovative and creative ideas. They wish to reinvent the market and set new trends by bringing people closer to nature through their fragrances and other products.

Bath & Body Works Vision / Future Plans

There is no defined Bath & Body Works vision statement on the company website.

However, based on research it can be said that Bath & Body Works vision is to explore the market of skincare which still has a lot of potential. Since the company is now working independently after it separated from its parent company L brands, it has more freedom to start another line of products focused on skincare.

Furthermore, the company believes in the power of nature, and that it won’t have to face many struggles in the future while sustaining and expanding the business. After all, when it comes to natural products with quality assurance and patented formulas, the future of Bath & Body Works is bright.

This has been reinstated in the press release dated June 2021 that talks about Bath and Body Works creating its own path.

As mentioned in the PR, Bath & Body Works’ CEO Andrew Meslow during L Brands’ year-end 2020 earnings call said, “We expect that 2021 will not be easy as the world, the retail environment and our enterprise and business continue to evolve and as we lap these extraordinary 2020 results,” He further said, “But with continued smart management of the brand and business, I know we can become a fully separate, stand-alone public corporation and proactively accelerate to our next phase of growth.”

The PR also mentions that during the first quarter of 2021, the company’s sales increased 47% and that is a great new beginning for this popular and loved brand. Further, Bath and Body Works intends to open 50 to 75 more off-mall stores in 2021as they help in higher conversion rates as compared to mall stores.

Bath & Body Works Core Values

Bath & Body Works core values that underpin the strength of this brand are as follows:

Corporate Responsibility

The company is committed to follow the path of righteousness. They don’t shy away from the responsibility being leaders in their domain.  They even advocate saving the environment and following good business practices.

Giving Respect and Dignity to Customers

Bath & Body Works work with the belief that it is their customers who will lead them towards the path of victory. They strongly believe in treating its customers with dignity and respect no matter what their background, race or gender identity or clothing size is.  Inclusion helps to strengthen the company.

Embracing and Fostering talent

The company embraces and nurtures people with different capabilities and talents. This is why they have a vast pool of diverse talent to serve customers and communities

Diversity and Inclusion

The company creates a workplace where diversity, equity and inclusion are practiced and valued.

Environmental Responsibility

The company understands its responsibility towards the environment and ensures that its processes has minimal environmental impact to create a healthier planet.


Bath & Body Works deals with body care products, hand soaps, home fragrances, and sanitizers which is why its demand in and outside the US has always been high. With excellent customer support and product quality, the company has expanded its business overseas to all other continents. From the Bath & Body Works mission and vision statement, we can understand how passionate the company is about its products and brand value.

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