AutoNation Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

AutoNation mission statement is “to deliver a peerless customer experience.” The statement restates the primary goal of this company, which is to become the best player in the sector. The statement by AutoNation has these main components:

  1. Distinguished quality and services
  2. Improving communities

AutoNation has perfected its business approaches by coming up with the best packages to lure its customers. It adds to these by ensuring that everything it does is customer-specific, including the location of its numerous stores across the U.S. Other than getting it right in the provision of new and used vehicles, AutoNation extends its services to include others that directly make a difference in the society through its corporate social responsibility.


Ever since Wayne Huizenga formed it in 1966, AutoNation has proved beyond doubt that it is a company to watch out for in the automobile industry. The vision and mission statements that emphasizes on comprehensive growth makes it even more attractive. Technically, a corporate vision statement gives the future position of a company. The vision statement by AutoNation seeks to transform this company into the most dependable American firm.

On the other hand, a corporate mission statement illustrates the strategies that drive the development of a corporation. The mission statement by this company underlines the uniqueness of the services that it offers its customers. To add to its effectiveness, AutoNation has a set of core values that improve its ability to meet its vision and mission.

Vision Statement

AutoNation vision statement is “to be America’s best place to buy and service cars and trucks.” The statement shows the level of reputation that AutoNation desires to reach. The statement has these main components:

  1. America’s best place
  2. Buy and service

While there are other competitors in the industry, AutoNation has taken its game a notch higher through its highly integrated services that make it ideal for any customers to get what they are looking for. AutoNation adds to this reputation by expanding its business to incorporate sale of both new and pre-owned automobiles together with their servicing needs.

Core Values

AutoNation core values comprise “customer-specific, diversity, cooperation, and respect.” The working atmosphere in this company is probably the most conducive. This is as stimulated by the values that AutoNation considers critical to creating strong bonds not only among the workers but also between the corporation and its target customers. Such aspects are promoted by the awareness of what the customers need, as well as what motivates and keeps the employees focused. 


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