Audi Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Audi mission statement is “consistently Audi.” The statement shows that there is a unique way of running the business at Audi. In fact, this company has mastered an art that has positioned it at the top in the sector. The mission statement by Audi has this feature.

  1. Consistency. The exceptionality of Audi comes down to the fact that this company has a structured and systematic way of coming up with its automobile designs. For years, Audi has awed its customers with the sleekness, performance, and hardiness of the products that it showcases. The consequence of this diligence and consistency has seen the value of its vehicles shoot, ranking top among the best German make automobiles.


Audi Corporation is an automobile manufacturer that is clearly a cut above the rest considering the quality and value attached to its cars. The company has been on an upward growth trend ever since it was founded in 1909, and this is associated with its mission and vision statements.

A corporate vision statement is defined as a description of the future position of a company. The vision statement of Audi emphasizes on creating a brand that commands and leads the automobile sector.

On the other hand, a corporate mission statement reveals the strategic ways that would help the management realize the vision.  The mission statement of this company brings out the age-old design and operation practices that make Audi stand out. These are supported by the core values of the corporation, and together with the mission and vision, make the Audi brand what it is today.

Vision Statement

Audi vision statement is “Audi- the premium brand.” This statement is a reflection of the ambitions of this corporation, which is to set a standard in the automobile niche. The statement has the following components:

  1. Premium brand
  2. Impacting the globe

Ever since its early days, Audi has strived to out-win its competitors with its exceptional designs. There is no doubt that it has succeeded in this purpose over the years, considering the value and global reputation that it enjoys today.

Core Values

Audi core values include “digitalization, sustainability, urbanization, integrity, respect, and cooperation.” The business approach of this company has enabled it to grow into a global entity because of its ability to keep up with changing times. This is as promoted by the core values of the corporation that creates a supporting and progressive working environment ensuring that every stakeholder stays on track with the achievement of the mission and vision statements.


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    My comment is: your lack of respect for the more sophisticated of we average US automobile buyers is disappointing, possible caviler. I’ve loved your corporate family for years owning several of your cars over the years including a new Beatle many years ago in college, and by 2002 new 911 and now an A3 S-line, wagon back that is no longer available in the US. I would like to see dealer options for ordering from your model lines now available only in Europe. Five primary aspects of design are paramount to what car I would care to drive here. In order of preference, low weight, low center of gravity, resectable mpg efficiency and performance in the 2 liter, turbo or Etron performance range that functions efficiently in a more northern, colder winter climate. It’s not size it’s weight. I’d like to see some model versions of the A-1 and A-2 models made available at least by special order in the US. Sincerely, Craig Brigham, Northport, MI USA

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