AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph) Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

AT&T’s mission statement is “to exploit technical innovations for the benefit of AT&T and its customers by implementing next-generation technologies and network advancements in AT&T’s services and operations.” In this statement, it is clear that AT&T recognizes itself as a service-based company with a responsibility to ensure its customers get maximum benefits from its technological activities. The emphasis laid on the customer also shows how much the company values its clients, and that is one element that inspires its progressiveness.  The following characteristics relate to this mission statement:

  1. Advancing technologies. The first feature of this mission statement identifies the major activity that defines AT&T. As a telecommunication company, it is expected that everything about AT&T revolves around technological innovations. An analysis of the company profile proves that AT&T is truly a leader in tech and related networks, and the company has a wide range of products and services for the customers to choose from. In fact, it is always abreast with the latest innovations in cellular devices, wireless networks, and other systems, something that has seen it become one of the most popular and trusted companies in the U.S. And, its reputation also goes beyond its mother nation as AT&T also influences tech advancements across the globe.
  2. Improving communities. While tech makes up everything about AT&T, the impact of the company is felt far and wide. AT&T ensures that it adds value to society with every product or service it offers. For instance, as the largest telephone and Entertainment Company, it makes communication easier, faster and reliable. For instance, AT&T communication is an indication of the leadership the company demonstrates when it comes to making media connections a reality. Moreover, the company also satisfies this component through other efforts advanced within its corporate responsibilities. The company has numerous initiatives across cities that provide economic opportunities and train to empower people through AT&T Believes.
  3. Exceeding expectations. AT&T satisfies this part of its mission statement by offering attractive deals to its customers and other stakeholders. For instance, the company goes out of its way to help its customers get a technological upgrade through its trade-in program. Such customer-friendly opportunities are perhaps exclusively available only at AT&T. This is just an example of many other ways through which the company reaches is out to benefit its customers through technology. The company also offers attractive discounts, a treat that goes a long way in promoting customer experience.


AT&T Inc. (American Telephone and Telegraph) is one of the few companies whose mission and vision statements have propelled the company from small beginnings to finding its way into the top ten list of fortune 500 in the U.S.  Due the focus of these two corporate statements, AT&T has maintained a constant growth trend for decades ever since its foundation in 1983 by the then-dominant Bell Telephone Company, making it the biggest and most prominent telecommunication conglomerate today.

The business strategy of this company is based on the focus of its mission and vision statements, which is the utilization of technological innovation to boost social and economic developments in the world. A corporate vision statement defines the anticipated future the company goes all-out to realize, while a corporate mission statement is all about the strategies that would be the best fit to help in the attainment of this vision.

For AT&T, its vision statement lays emphasis on the effect of the company in the overall improvement of both lives and business performances for all stakeholders and customers alike. In relation, AT&T’s mission statement emphasizes the customers as the primary beneficiaries while identifying the mechanisms it would use to leave a worthwhile impact in the telecommunication sector. AT&T also greatly benefits from the influence of its core values.

They are essentially the principles that guide the operations and the overall culture of the company, which are critical components for growth. These core values work hand in hand with the mission and vision statement, and this explains the highly revered AT&T reputation across the globe.

Vision Statement

AT&T vision statement is “to enrich our customers’ personal lives and to make their businesses more successful by bringing to market exciting and useful communications services, building \r\nshareowner value in the process.” AT&T has always considered adding value to the lives of its customers its primary responsibility as recounted in this mission statement. The following components can be drawn from this vision statement.

  1. Enrich personal lives and business of customers. AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph) meets the requirements of this first component in its vision statement by providing the customers with reliable communication channels as well as related devices. It also ensures its clients are never in short of entertainment options through its DIRECTV at pocket-friendly rates. The company also adds other products that improve interactions and connectivity across the globe such as internet and networking, mobility, cybersecurity, and cloud among others. With such channels, running a business becomes easier and better.
  2. Building shareowner value. To fulfill this second part, AT&T ensures that the company also grows just as mentioned in the mission statement, while benefiting the customers. The business strategy adopted by AT&T has diversified the scope of operations of the company, which is to the benefit of the investors. It also keeps shareholders updated with the economic situation of the company in the quarterly financial reports and cost basis of their shares. 

Core Values

AT&T’s core values include “live true, think big, pursue excellence, inspire imagination, be there, stand for equality, embrace freedom, and make difference.” AT&T deems these as the principles that guide all its workforce to comply with the mission and vision statement.

As a telecommunication corporation, AT&T encourages all its employees to be themselves, and act right at all times without compromise. The company also inspires them to take creative risks, which lead to new designs and breakthroughs in any sector. Combining this mentality with self-sacrifice and commitment to the company creates a conducive environment for excellence as it exists at AT&T. In addition to these practices, the company shows that it does not limit its employees, and in this way, leaves them flexible and open to making a difference not only in the company but also in the society.


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