Atricure Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Atricure mission statement is “we are passionately focused on reducing the global Afib epidemic and healing the lives of those affected.” Based on this statement, Atricure directs its resources towards initiatives of alleviating suffering related to Afib. The company is linked to the availability of various treatment options for this condition. The statement has the following components:

  1. Improving health
  2. Global reach

At Atricure, the health of the patient is of absolute importance. Today, this company has a record of up to 300, 000 patients that it has served since the year 2004, having sold more than 190, 000 AtriClip devices. The company has also expanded the expertise of healthcare providers through targeted training of approximately 2, 300 professionals. Other ways that Atricure contributes to health includes through the provision of both surgical and medical treatment options. To ensure that its services are not localized, Atricure has gone global by opening and partnering with subsidiaries such as the Atricure Europe and SentreHEART among others.


Atricure has fast-tracked the progress and understanding of the most effective approaches to treating atrial fibrillation (Afib) through its relentless commitment to innovations since 1994. The mission and vision statements of this company affirm that it is the pride of Atricure to contribute to the overall wellness of its patients.

The mission statement of this company particularly emphasizes on the impact that the efforts of Atricure have on the recovery process of Afib patients, and this agrees with the definition of a corporate mission statement. Similarly, the company shows that it has a vision statement in how it looks to lead in the combating of this condition globally. Atricure gets significant support from its core values especially in how they influence the progress towards the achievement of its mission and vision.

Vision statement

Atricure vision statement is that “we are committed to delivering the highest quality and most efficient solutions to benefit our partners, including care providers, customers, and shareholders.” This statement by Atricure comprises the following components:

  1. Delivering highest quality solutions
  2. Benefit everyone

Atricure has perfected its approaches for the treatment of Afib through innovations. In addition, this company ensures that its services benefit everyone by making them easily accessible and free of limitations.

Core Values

Atricure core values include “patients, people and partners.” The ability of Atricure to comprehensively meet the needs of everyone is directly linked to these guiding principles. Therefore, they give the company the passion to do more and the right things.


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