Athleta Mission Statement

Athleta is one renowned athletic wear fashion brand that focuses on “The Power of She.” and that women deserve the best. The journey of this brand started in 1998 in Petaluma, a small town in California. 

Scott Kerslake, the founder, started Athleta after he realized the need for sports apparel and accessories for sportswomen and active women. After a decade, the company was acquired by Gap Inc. with a total deal of $150 million. After Gap Inc. acquired it, the first official brand store was opened in California itself. 

Seeing the store’s success, Gap Inc. further expanded the business and earned more brand recognition. Presently, over 190 stores are functioning actively all over the US. Under the supervision and management of Nancy Green, former CEO of Athleta (till August 2019) Athleta fashion brand achieved a revenue of $750 million. 

Athleta has set its mission to empower and lead women towards a life of fitness and health without any discrimination. This is why they are working tirelessly to ensure that every sportswoman can get the apparel and other accessories as per their varying needs. Due to their unique mission of empowering women through sports fashion, Athleta has gained appreciation from many all across the US. It is now also part of the B-Corp companies that is a great achievement in itself.  

Athleta envisions establishing a world where women will feel comfortable in their skin by wearing dresses and accessories they make. Athleta’s vision is for the future of women in the sports industry. It also aims to expand internationally, work for the community and establish a solid brand.

In the words of Nancy Green, the company caters to the unique needs of women by doing away with the stereotypes and what females are capable of. Through Athleta, the company aims to help women reach infinite success.

Its core values focus on promoting and empowering women by providing sportswear that not only fits well and looks great but also gives women the confidence to face various challenges. Athleta intends to change the fashion and sports world by merging the two and presenting them as a single entity for women of all classes, races, creeds, and origins. 

Athleta mission statement

Athleta mission statement says, “To ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to reach limitless potential”.

Till Athleta was launched, women who were into sports and fitness used to wear menswear to get the same performance. The company understood the gap in the market and launched its sportswear exclusively for women. Athleta mission statement clearly outlines how strongly and passionately the company wants women to stay active, fit, and confident.  

Given below is a deep analysis of Athleta mission statement to understand the company’s philosophy better.

Creating a female-based sports community: The first message that Athleta’s mission statement outlines how the company is aiming to ignite women to stay fit and healthy irrespective of their age and ethnicity. So, the brand is not just about women interested in sports activities but also inspires women in all age groups including girls to take care of their health through fitness activities. It has succeeded in creating a bond among women through fashionable sportswear that fits well and helps enhance performance. 

Inspire to Explore Full Potential: They believe that every woman can and should inspire and support each other to reach their full potential and help them focus on becoming the best. Athleta wants to empower women and young girls to be active and take part in sports activities like running, cycling, hiking, and others. With unique sports apparel, Athleta provides them with the opportunity and encouragement to take the first step towards their dream. Every design at Athleta creates aims to meet the unique requirement of every woman. 

Instilling the much-needed confidence: As outlined in Athleta mission statement, the company understands how important it is for women to feel confident about their existence and to work towards their dreams without any hesitation. This is one of the main ideas of Athleta’s philosophy that is reflected in Athleta mission statement. Even after almost two decades, this mission hasn’t changed. Through the perfect fit and cuts of Athleta sportswear, the company wants women and girls to feel confident in their skin and adopt a bold and mystic persona by wearing their comfortable, stylish, charming, and luxurious. This is why Nancy Green is putting all her focus on changing the vision of the fashion industry, which relies only on glamor. 

Athleta Vision  

The vision of a company states which direction the company desires to take in the future. Athleta envisions expanding its business, working for society, following sustainable practices, and most importantly inspiring women to recognize their capabilities through powerful branding. Let us delve into each aspect of Athleta’s vision in detail.

Both people and the planet matter: Athleta perceives itself as a company whose sole purpose is not profit alone but also working for the planet and people especially, women and girls. At the same time, the company is also committed to its stakeholders and has plans for expansion as well. Being a certified BCorp company is like a feather in the cap of Athleta. It implies that Athleta follows the standards related to the environment, accountability, and legal transparency. Even during the pandemic, the company survived the tough times and took advantage of its capabilities by making over 100,000 masks that they donated to medical professionals.

Athleta is all set to grow further: Regarding expansion plans the company has a three-year plan to expand and open new stores both in the US and Canada by 2023. The growing consumers’ preference for comfortable sportswear from Athleta is quite promising. In the words of Mary Beth Laughton (current President/CEO at Athleta Inc) the growth strategy of the company is focused on attracting new customers (‘next generation of girls’). For this, the company has started innovative virtual styling one-on-one video chat appointments and also virtual events like cardio workouts with fitness trainer Megan Roup.

Giving realistic meaning to “The Power of She” campaign: The company recently partnered with American artist gymnast Simone Biles and launched the “Power of She” campaign. The idea is to inspire women and reaffirm that women can do anything if they are dedicated and passionate. The company strongly believes in transforming this campaign idea into a reality for sportswomen across the world. And that’s what makes Athleta so different from other fashion houses. Regardless of the situation, Athleta will always support women and their dream of being recognized in the sports industry. 

Planning a glorious future for every aspiring sportswoman: Through their uniquely designed sportswear like skirts, swimsuits, surfer suits, and others, Athleta will ensure that females can also walk into the sports ground with confidence, passion, education, and boldness. This is why they are always trying to introduce different apparel and other products to cater to women’s needs. 

Athleta Core Values

The core value of Athleta revolves around providing women activewear that they can wear with ease and comfort. Let us understand 

  1. Movement matter- The company believes that the outer environment plays an important role. When one unwinds the power of the body, it enables one to attain better control over the mind and soul.
  2. Performance empowers- At Athleta, the clothes are designed not to suit the hangers but the body. Each design is creatively crafted to suit the body of women and help them feel at ease. 
  3. Design for life- Athleta designs activewear that you can wear the whole day. Every design is synonymous with comfort and style.
  4. Sisterhood elevates- Be a woman who supports another woman; Athleta promotes this attitude. With a focus on empowering women, the brand specially caters to women’s needs and designs clothes that embark on style and comfort. 
  5. Sustainability- Athleta promotes the sustainability of resources. Everything is done to promote optimal resource use and minimal wastage from procuring the raw materials, designing and packaging, and dispatch. 71% of the fabrics used by Athleta are made from sustainable fibers. The company also focuses on saving water and diverting waste from landfills.


Athleta is a brand that inspires women to break the barrier and feel comfortable in what they do. The clothes they design and manufacture embody the same. Athleta promotes the idea of “The Power of She.”

Headquarters: Petaluma, California

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