ASOS Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

ASOS mission statement is “to become the world’s number-one destination for fashion-loving 20-somethings.” The yearning to be the very best in what it does clearly comes out as a priority for ASOS based on this statement.  These are the main component of this mission statement:

  1. Global reach
  2. Distinguished quality and services

To meet the needs of the first component, ASOS has been constantly refining and optimizing its online platform to ensure that it reaches as many customers as possible. With these progressive adjustments, ASOS has gone global considering its presence is felt not only in the UK, but also across Europe and other parts of the world. The growth has been boosted by its emphasis on customer first as its first step in ensuring that it only provides products and services that convert them into loyal clients.


ASOS has redefined fashion and cosmetic retailing with its online marketing brand. In fact, its mission and vision statements are proof of how dynamic this company is, making it top among the best performers in the sector. A corporate vision is simply a statement that reveals the future ambitions of a company, while a corporate mission statement brings out the strategies that the company would use to get there.

In this case of ASOS, the vision statement is all about creating a business that commands its industry through superior products and services. Similarly, the mission statement echoes the desire of ASOS to top the list through its customer-targeted business techniques. The core values of ASOS cannot be overlooked due to the impact they have had on the constant growth of this firm since its first year in operation – 2000.

Vision Statement

ASOS vision statement is yet to be officially published. However, the purpose of this company to ensure that everyone in the world enjoys the freedom to be themselves is proof of how influential ASOS is with its products.

The company indicates that it was specially created for this reason – to give individuals the confidence they need to be whomever they desire to be. And, truly, ASOS has done exactly that with its unique fashions for both men and women.

Core Values

ASOS core values include “creativity, positivity, democracy, and people first.” With these values as the guiding principles, ASOS has recorded a remarkable growth trend. Such an outcome is proof of how applicable and impactful these values have been in this corporation making it a top company in the contemporary era.


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    With ASOS planning to completely fire UK customer service staff and outsource this to third world countries it does certainly not sound like “people first”. Just another company with minimum wage paid customer service staff somewhere in India and all profits going to Danish billionaire and foreign companies ASOS is nothing like what it used to be.

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