Ashland Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Ashland mission statement is “we satisfy our customers by delivering results through quality chemical products and services.” The company indicates that its focus is on meeting all the needs of its customers by looking at solutions from a molecular level. The statement by Ashland has the outlined components:

  1. Delivering results
  2. Improving lives

Ashland is a creative and innovative corporation that thrives on providing solutions to all its customers in different industries through its understanding of polymers among other aspects at their basic level. The company applies this knowledge to drive changes and growth in different sectors, and this contributes to improved construction approaches, and coating and painting. In fact, this influence also extends to areas such as personal care and foods sector making Ashland an impactful entity with its work.


Ashland is one of the few companies whose impact is felt in different industries due to its level of diversification. The company extends its services to different sectors such as the food and beverages, energy, building and construction, personal and home care and paints among others. In fact, its mission and vision statements are a reflection of this dynamic business approach.

Ideally, a corporate vision statement defines the future state of a company, while a corporate mission statement identifies how the future would be achieved. In this case of Ashland, the vision statement of the company is all about the solving potential of this corporation. Ashland strives to be a business that customers and other firms can turn to. Its mission statement highlights the diverse techniques that the management exploits to leave long-lasting impacts wherever it operates. These are further supported by the core values of this firm. Together, all these corporate statements drive the growth of Ashland.

Vision Statement

Ashland vision statement is “to make a better world by providing creative solutions through the application of specialty ingredients and materials.” The statement echoes the ‘always solving’ mantra of this corporation. It has these components:

  1. Make a better world
  2. Creating solutions

The two components show that Ashland is passionate about improving living standards through creative solutions.

Core values

Ashland core values comprise “efficacy, usability, integrity, and profitability.” With these values as the driving force, Ashland has managed to maintain a fast growth rate as demonstrated by its diversification while at the same time sufficiently meeting the needs of all its clients. Today, it is one of the most sought-after corporation within and beyond the U.S borders.


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