AmeriCorps Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

AmeriCorps mission statement is “to strengthen communities and develop leaders through direct, team-based direct national and community service.” It is clear through this statement that this agency focuses all its resources on the transformation of the American society. It meets its goals by:

  1. Offering service opportunities
  2. Improving communities

As a voluntary civil society program, AmeriCorps has demonstrated that it is adequately equipped to execute its duties. Its ability to connect willing Americans with opportunities is commendable. Statistics show that it engages over 75, 000 citizens annually in different capacities. Some of the areas that these individuals contribute in the society include emergency response, reclamation in disaster zones, building of homes for the less privileged, mentorship programs in schools and donations. All these services have a common agenda – making a difference in society.


AmeriCorps is an organization whose main role is to offer Americans an opportunity to volunteer in different capacities for the goodness of its people. The organization has been in operations since 1993 and has since attracted support from different corporations, foundations, and the federal government. It also has a mission and a vision statement to guide its workforce and its decision in line with the main purpose. These corporate statements are invaluable in the growth of a corporation.

A corporate vision statement essentially creates a future goal, while a mission statement identifies appropriate strategies to make the vision a reality. In this case of AmeriCorps, the vision statement is all about the maximum utilization of resources for social wellness. On the other hand, the mission statement notes the power of pooled efforts in this journey. The core values of AmeriCorps also significantly contribute to the progression of the organization towards its vision.

Vision Statement

AmeriCorps vision statement is “to comprehensively engage the AmeriCorps resources for the benefit of local communities.” Although this is not the official statement, it alludes to the vision of the organization.

Within the three main programs of AmeriCorps, the NCCC, State & National, and VISTA, there are numerous resources that can positively impact the lives of many Americans. It is the vision of this organization to use them appropriately and leave lasting impacts on the people it serves.

Core Values

AmeriCorps core values include “passion, people-diverse, and commitment.” These guiding principles are informed by the recognition of the complexity of social and economic challenges in the U.S. To tackle them, AmeriCorps considers these values critical in shaping the attitudes of all its workforce.


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