Ameren Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Ameren mission statement is “to power the quality of life.” The company recognizes the crucial role it plays in this industry and the importance of its products to the everyday lives of its customers. The statement has these main features:

  1. To power
  2. Improve the quality of life

To satisfy the first component, Ameren ensures that all its plants are running at the peak level to meet the energy demands of its customers. Other than being adequately equipped, Ameren has a well-trained team of experts to ensure it swiftly addresses any power concerns from the customers. The reliability that characterizes Ameren gives the customers the best opportunities to run their power-dependent business as well as other routine activities with minimal worries. This is akin to improved living standards.


Ameren Power Company has earned itself a name in the U.S. due to its reliable and customer-friendly services. In fact, the mission and vision statements of this company reflect the impacts that it has on the electricity industry in the U.S. A corporate vision statement gives the roadmap to the future of a company.

In this case, the vision statement of Ameren is to a leader in the electric and gas sector. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement highlights the strategies that a company would use to get to its projected future. The mission statement by Ameren is all about impacting lives through its utility products. In addition, Ameren stands out because of the core values that have seen it thrive from 1997 to date. These add to its ability to remain focused towards its mission and vision.

Vision Statement

Ameren vision statement is “to be the recognized performance leader of the U.S. electric and gas utility industry.” The company shows that it is committed and determined to be the best. In fact, this is what Amen is today as shown by how it satisfies this component:

  1. Recognized performance leader. For decades, Ameren has earned the loyalty of its customers considering the professionalism that this company runs its operations. In the U.S., Ameren electric rates are the most affordable and together with its customer services, this makes this organization the ideal example for others to emulate.

Core Values

Ameren core values comprise “safety, integrity, respect, accountability, stewardship, teamwork and commitment to excellence.” These are the principles upon which Ameren runs its business. They have been so effective that this organization has gained national recognition for its exceptional services in the electric and gas utility sector.


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