Allstate Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

The Allstate Corporation is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, given that its revenue for 2021 was a staggering $50.58 billion. This publicly-traded company also serves many parts of Canada. Founded in 1931, its headquarters presently lie in Northbrook, IL. The company is best known for its auto insurance, but you can also find home, life, landlord, and business insurance. It even deals in investment products and banking services.

The Allstate mission and vision iterate that you will be in good hands after buying their insurance. It strives to help people focus on their hopes and dreams by protecting their future. Apart from ensuring future security for its customers, Allstate also tries to fulfill the needs of its employees and shareholders. It is a win-win situation for the company because happy employees result in happier customers.

Allstate Mission Statement

Allstate mission statement says, “As the good hands, we aim to empower customers with protection to help them achieve their hopes and dreams.” Interestingly, it implies that Allstate’s hopes and dreams will be fulfilled after its customers achieve their hopes and dreams. In essence, their cumulative success heavily depends on the overall success of their clients. An all too generous mission if ever there was one!

In the first part of the Allstate mission statement, the company clearly hints that its customers are in good hands. They go on to further suggest that their insurance provides affordable, all-around protection, so much so that you can exclusively focus on achieving your goals without worrying about the future. All in all, the statement emphasizes a part of the company’s values while also declaring its benevolent intentions.

Allstate Vision Statement

Allstate vision statement is, “to deliver substantially more value than the competition by reinventing protection and retirement to improve customers’ lives.” The affordability of Allstate’s products was only subtly implied in its mission statement. Its vision, on the other hand, emphasizes its inexpensive rates by comparing those with the competition. It also highlights that their products provide more value and novelty than those of the others. You can distinctly see their claim to generate unique insurance protection.

Allstate Core Values

Allstate core values are:

  • Integrity: The company asks its employees to follow its rules and regulations, and also encourages them to go the extra mile in helping out the customers. In short, Allstate maintains its integrity while satisfying the customer’s requirements. No wonder the company is respected in both financial and social circles!
  • Inclusive Diversity & Equity: Allstate accepts that the world is composed of people from all walks of life and embraces their cultures and customs wholeheartedly. The company shows its dedication to maintaining diversity in its ranks by providing equal opportunities and equitable rewards.
  • Collective Success: The Allstate mission and vision inspire success through cumulative achievements. It considers individual demands but doesn’t hesitate to prioritize the overall growth of the organization over everything else. How else are they going to keep serving their customers effectively and manage their operations efficiently!