Alibaba Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Alibaba mission statement is “to make it easy to do business anywhere.” The statement shows how determined the corporation is when it comes to redefining how businesses are run across the world. The statement has these main features:

  1. Distinguished products
  2. Exceeding expectations

The first component shows how Alibaba sets itself apart by providing its clients with the most contemporary tools to exploit global markets. In fact, the company has created a platform that offers a wide range of options for suppliers and buyers to interact and conduct business. Just as the second feature indicates, Alibaba, does more than creating connectivity. The company is home for business solutions, in addition to community empowerment.


The mission and vision statements of Alibaba are a true definition of a company that has a clear knowledge of its developmental path. The focus of these two statements clearly reflects how the company runs its e-commerce, technology and internet business. Technically, a corporate vision statement gives the future achievements of a company, and the vision statement for this company agrees with this as it projects to be the foundation of future commerce.

On the other hand, a corporate mission statement reveals the strategies that drive the growth of a company. The mission statement of Alibaba is all about leveling and opening up the business landscape for everyone. In addition to mission and vision statements, Alibaba has achieved significant milestones in this ambition due to the support of its core values.

Vision Statement

Alibaba vision statement is “to build the future infrastructure of commerce. We envision that our customers will meet, work and live at Alibaba and that we will be a company that lasts at least 102 years.” This company plans to be a one-stop-shop for everything anyone would think of including healthcare and other critical services. The statement has the following features:

  1. Commerce infrastructure
  2. Home for customers

Alibaba business brand is gradually satisfying this first component through the constant modification of its platform to incorporate a wide range of services. The presence of options such as digital entertainment, online travel, internet, merchant services, and mobile applications among many others shows that it is a home for everyone.

Core values

Alibaba core values include “customer first, trust, change-minded, performance, and time-conscious.” This company has distinguished itself from its competitors in just 20 years since it first opened its doors by simply relying on and pushing its workforce to do the extraordinary with these core values. Today, it is a multinational corporation whose presence is felt everywhere globally.


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