Aldi Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

aldi mission statement vision statement

Aldi’s mission statement is “to continually set standards for food retailing and to further expand the market position of the ALDI North Group.” In this statement, Aldi emphasizes the intention of the company to always distinguish itself by constantly improving its business approaches as a mark of its high standards in the sector. The statement has the following components.

  1. Improving quality
  2. Expanding its market position

The current growth level of Aldi is evidence that the supermarket chain leaves nothing to chance where quality is concerned. In fact, that is why it prides in being different from the rest as shown by its slogan ‘good different.’ In addition to bringing its customers top-of-the-range goods, the services in all its stores and online platform are simply exceptional. The continued effort to do better directly relates to the desire of the company to expand its market position, become one of the largest chains of retailers, and with a reputation that rests on quality.


The mission and vision statements of Aldi reflects how important excellent customer service is to this organization. Perhaps, this the factor that has positioned Aldi as a leader in the supermarket chain industry recording a high growth of over 10000 stores in different parts of the world. Since 1946, Aldi has remained true to its mission and vision statement of offering nothing short of quality services to its clients.

A corporate vision statement describes the future business position of a company. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement outlines the strategies that an institution uses to progress towards the vision. For Aldi, its vision statement is all about the impact it has on the lives of its shoppers, while its mission statement points to the market position it seeks to achieve through exceptional services. To do this, Aldi also incorporates is core values that strategically enable the company to gradually fulfill its mission and vision statements.

Vision statement

Aldi’s vision statement is “to enable Australian shoppers to live richer lives for less.” The statement reveals the ultimate achievement that this supermarket works so hard for, which is to treat its shoppers to the best shopping experiences that translates to improved lives. The statement can be explained in various points:

  1. Enable shoppers to live richer lives
  2. For less

By emphasizing on richer lives for its shoppers, Aldi alludes to the quality of all the products that it stocks. Within this business, there is no chance for substandard goods considering the high standards that it has set. The best aspect of this is pairing the distinguished quality of the goods and services with the most attractive prices in the market. In addition, Aldi also makes it even more interesting with its special buy days enabling clients to save more.

Core Values

Aldi’s core values comprise “simplicity, responsibility, and reliability.” Through these principles, Aldi has established a culture that cares about its progressive growth and creation of a durable reputation. The ease that it offers its customers, combined with how it interacts with the environment and the society has earned this company fame that precedes it.


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