Albertsons Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Albertsons mission is “to create a shopping experience that pleases our customers, a workplace that creates opportunities and a great working environment of our associates.” It is clear that Albertsons” business strategies involve the use of methods that attract their target customers with their good business acumen and a customer-friendly environment. In addition to their customers’ satisfaction, it is also centered on welfare of its employees, who are the most important assets of Albertsons. The success of Albertsons is not only based on its good marketing strategies and financial planning but also on the retention of its employees.


Albertsons is one of the largest retailers and pharmaceutical companies in the United States,   with around 2,300 stores scattered in 37 States. It  is a good example of good people management as envisioned in its mission to have a workplace that creates opportunities with a good working environment for its associates. From its beginnings in 1935 in Boise, Idaho,  Albertsons has evolved into a retail and pharmaceutical company with excellent financial strategies to enable it to  achieve the current global  position it has in the retail industry.

Albertsons mission and vision statements present the fundamental guiding principles of the business. In this regard, Albertsons success is closely because of its competence in achieving its mission and vision with its  good management practices, effective pricing, good customer service and good human resource management. In so doing, Albertsons business practices  has helped it reach  its aim of being no. 1 through its  competitive advantage and goal setting based on its corporate mission and vision statements.

Vision Statement

Albertson’s vision is a “unified team of energized associates addressed with creating the world’s no. 1 retail and pharmaceutical industry in the areas of market value, scale, profitability, customer service and associate satisfaction.

This corporate vision reflects Albertsons well-placed plans to implement changes in the business world and to improve  it as a whole. Albertsons vision is to become the top player in the retail and pharmaceutical industry. The emphasis how to achieve this goal is to have good interpersonal relationships with its customers.

Core Values

Albertsons corporate values move around its sustainability, productivity, planet, sustainability news and diversity and inclusion. The values are considered as an important factor  to their mission and is a permanent entity in Albertsons culture which has been ingrained in them as part of their daily lives.

This can be achieved by Albertsons drive to determine what the company really strives for and not losing track of its core values along the way. Their values do not tell them what to do, but how to do things. It aids them to remember what is important by analyzing the underlying goal of maintaining quality, integrity, and compliance that will drive and implement the culture of good customer service.

They must embrace a strong commitment towards   community involvement  by sharing their time and resources and see that this would produces better growth and development which in the end will bring good competitive advantage to Albertsons.

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