The Mission Statement of AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Skincare

It’s hard to find a skincare brand that stays true to its purpose and values, as most skincare enthusiasts believe in the company’s mission statement. After all, it’s the company’s beliefs and core values that determine its customers. There are a few brands like Сrearome that provide 100% natural skincare products as promised and another one being AHAVA. AHAVA offers all sorts of skincare products for bath, body, hair, and more that are enriched with pure Dead Sea minerals and other botanical extracts. Like any other company, it also comes with its purpose and values. But first, let’s take a look into the story behind AHAVA.

How AHAVA Was Founded?

A spa technician observed lots of women slathering the mud on their body by the Dead Sea and they would then wash it with salt water as it was thought to be really beneficial for the skin. Some of them would even pack and carry the mud to their homes. This gave her the idea to start her own skincare line in 1988 and that’s how AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Skin Care was founded.

What Is the Mission Statement of AHAVA?

AHAVA believes in providing its customers with all the tremendous benefits of Dead Sea minerals without harming the environment. Therefore, to keep the environmental impact minimal, the production facility of AHAVA in the Dead Sea uses flora to refine all the waste from the water, which is then restored back into the Dead Sea.  

AHAVA’s Promise and Beliefs

AHAVA promises its customers to provide vegan products that are also free of harmful ingredients like parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, Phthalates, and Triclosan. The ingredients used in its products are also naturally extracted from nature and its products are ideal for the ones with sensitive skin as they go through strict allergy testing.

Where the rest of the companies use unhealthy ingredients to hydrate flaky skin, AHAVA uses its trademarked ingredient known as AHAVA’s Osmoter. The natural Dead Sea minerals in it have been scientifically balanced to allow your skin to attract the moisture from the depth to the topmost layer of the skin, where it’s actually required to get rid of extra dry skin.

All of its products go through a qualified team of researchers who make sure the body is benefitted from all the organic ingredients in the best way possible for utmost customer satisfaction.

AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Skincare Best Selling Products

While staying true to its purpose and values, AHAVA has secured some of the best-selling products in their skincare line, as mentioned below.

Mineral hand cream. This hand cream works wonders to get rid of dry, flaky hands especially in the winters as it contains 21 essential nutrients from the Dead Sea water along with witch hazel.  

Bath salt. AHAVA has helped its customers to get all the amazing benefits of 100% natural Dead Sea salt minerals at their doorstep. It is infused with calcium and potassium to deliver therapeutic and aesthetic benefits too.  

Body mud. This Dead Sea mud helps to deal with blemishes as well as removing impurities from the skin. It is ideal for both extra dry and sensitive skin.

Body lotion. This body lotion is enriched with calcium, potassium, and magnesium which are naturally derived from the Dead Sea. It also contains aloe vera and the Dead Sea water to nourish and soften an itchy and dry body. 

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