Agenus Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Agenus mission statement is “to bring curative treatments to cancer patients.” The focus of this statement is on the benefits that the patients gain from the activities of this company. It has these key components:

  1. Bring curative treatments
  2. Improving health

Primarily, Agenus directs all its resource to the innovation of treatment options for different cancer cases. In fact, its emphasis on ways that boost immune system of the patients to find cancer is the most popular development as shown by its innovative engine. Making these options available for cancer patients directly leads to improvements in their health. This is because the cures empower the immune system to identify cancers, and mobilizes and accelerates immunological attacks, leading to destruction of cancer cells naturally.


Agenus Inc. is a biotechnology firm located in Lexington that has transformed the perspective on approaches of curing cancer. Founded in 1994, this company has earned a reputation through its conceptualization of multiple cancer-fighting mechanisms, something that its mission and vision statement captures. A corporate mission statement is defined as the strategies a company uses to drive its growth. On the other hand, a corporate vision statement comprises the future ambitions of a firm.

In this case analysis, the vision statement of Agenus is to lead in redefining cancer cures, while its mission statement emphasizes the impact this company has on both the patients and the industry. In addition, Agenus has core values that structurally contribute to the overall success and advancements of its ambitions.

Vision Statement

Agenus vision statement is “to expand the patient populations benefiting from cancer immunotherapy with combination approaches that leverage a broad repertoire of antibody therapeutics, adoptive cell therapies (through its AgenTus Therapeutics subsidiary) and its proprietary cancer vaccine platforms.” The statement is an indication of how deeply Agenus is committed to lead the fight against cancer in the biotechnology industry. The statement has these components:

  1. Increasing beneficiaries
  2. Developing combination therapies

For wider impacts, Agenus focusses on designing medicines for all types of cancers. It does this by constantly finding ways through its combination therapies. Applying this tactic leads to a better understanding of different cancers leading to their cures.

Core Values

Agenus core values comprise “integrity, passion, corporation, and innovation.” Fighting cancer is a noble course that requires passion due to rigorous experiments and trials. To succeed in its work, Angus depends on these core values as they create a progressive culture within its area of operation. In fact, this is what has enabled the company to record great achievements so far.


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