Aetna Mission and Vision Statements Analysis


Aetna Inc. is an American company founded in 1853 with the sole purpose of providing employers, individuals, and health professionals with innovative health insurance products, benefits and services. The company is famed for its indiscriminate coverage of all individuals, something that is enshrined in its mission and vision statements.

Corporate statements give an establishment a direction and appropriate strategies to maintain growth. For instance, with a corporate vision statement, a company has a projected future to work for, while the corporate mission statement identifies the steps of advancing towards the set goal.

In this case of Aetna, the mission statement zeroes on consumer-directed health benefits products accessible to all. The presence of these services takes the company closer to its vision of creating better healthcare systems for all Americans. Another influential tool applied by Aetna is the core values. They work together with the mission and vision statements to give the company the reputation it enjoys today.

Mission Statement

Aetna mission statement is “to help people achieve health and financial security by providing easy access to cost-effective, high-quality health care.” The company cares about health services accessibility. That is why it focusses on:

  1. Providing distinguished services
  2. Improving health

Aetna acknowledges the financial burden related to healthcare services. In response, the company offers a wide range of health insurance products to enable individuals to access healthcare. It also has an Aetna foundation targeting the minorities and low-income groups to promote their health needs charitably. Statistics show that this company reaches more than 37.9 million people across the U.S. Its work in the nation has directly improved the health of individuals through by giving them affordable care plans. It has also improved the ability of facilities to provide care.

Vision Statement

Aetna vision statement is “to create better healthcare systems for all.” However, this is not the official vision statement. The company demonstrates its commitment to this vision through the comprehensive services that it offers, including the dental, mental, behavioural health, pharmacy, and disability health plans, among others.

Everything about Aetna points depicts a company that goes beyond the expectations for the benefits of patients. That is why it emphasizes that the wellbeing of people it serves is its priority.

Core Values

Aetna core values include “integrity, excellence, caring, and inspiration.” These principles are the ones that bring the simplicity, focus and connection that Aetna considers critical in a healthcare system. This company has managed to create a health-minded community with these values.


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