Advent Health Mission Statement Analysis

Advent Health, founded in 1973, is one of the most prestigious, faith-based healthcare providers. This no-profit health care system was earlier known as Adventist Health System and has headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Florida. The company provides top-level health facilities to people who are looking for trustworthy and genuine healthcare. However, reports say that the company has its roots extending further in the historical timescale. The first thought of opening a good and ideal medical care unit was conceptualized in 1866. It was coined by the Seventh-Day Adventist medical and healthcare pioneers in Battle Creek in Michigan. They started the unit with the sole aim of providing advanced health treatments for ailments that were considered untreatable earlier. 

Later, the organization gained a lot of momentum; and now, it is recognized as one of the trusted healthcare systems in the US and other parts of the world. Since the company was formed by Adventist medical experts who worked for the Church and Christ, the mission of Advent Health is to extend the healing knowledge and methodologies of Christ. 

They want people to keep their faith in Christ and his famous healing ministry, consisting of 12 members. This is why Advent Health hasn’t changed its mission even after so many years. The vision with which Advent Health was created delineates how the company wants to prove the healthcare system and train and educate people with both research and innovations.

Advent Health is one of the unique healthcare companies in the world, which believes that religion and science are the two faces of the same coin. This is why they provide expert and advanced medical services, but keep in mind the “healing ministry of Christ” and what they did.

Advent Health envisions providing holistic care to the people by bridging the gap between the care services and the people in need. Advent also aims at providing dedicated services at affordable rates. It promotes the idea of providing efficient care and follows the best practices that guide them for future health care.

AdventHealth Mission Statement

Advent Health mission statement states “To extend the healing ministry of Christ”.

From this Advent Health mission statement, it’s clear that the company wants to re-establish the lost knowledge and practice of Christ’s healing methodologies followed by his ministers. Its mission is the overall health and well-being of our body, mind, and soul through compassion and unmatched capabilities. When the company was first established as a Church medical unit in Battle Creek, the medical experts implemented the old healing methods with modern equipment to treat the ailments.

Over the years, the company has undergone many changes as transformations. However, it stayed firm on its Advent Health mission statement of taking the healing ministry of Christ forward. Following are the messages that its Advent Health mission statement delineates.

Re-establishing the Church’s healing methods

It can be deciphered from Advent Health mission statement that it aims to re-establish the knowledge about Church’s healing methods. Their medical services revolve around faith, positivity, and self-love.

Ensuring high-quality treatment for all communities

Irrespective of the community or the background, the company wants to cater to everyone’s needs. They believe that in the eyes of Christ, everyone is equal, which is why the company heads have always improvised their services to meet the current healthcare system needs.

Combining Christ’s healing methodologies and modern medical knowledge

According to the Advent Health mission statement, the company believes in incorporating the techniques followed and propagated by Christ’s healing ministry into modern-day medical practices.

AdventHealth Vision Statement

Advent Health vision statement follows as “To improve patient outcomes and advanced healthcare education through revolutionary thinking and innovation”.

In this vision statement, Advent Health outlines how it wants to operate and what are its goals. The company aims to revolutionize the current healthcare systems through modern thinking and innovation. Below is a detailed explanation and analysis of Advent Health vision statement.

Provide Holistic Care

The most transparent message that Advent Health communicates through its vision statement is how they aim to improve health services by providing both physical care and also mental well-being.

Innovative And Practical Care

Advent Health has also envisioned a future where it can adapt modern innovations in the healthcare industry to make health care easy and effective. They give due importance to technological developments in the medical industry that includes creativity and research.

Providing Affordable Healthcare Services

Advent Health wants to achieve positive transformation in the healthcare system and provide its services at an affordable price to those who need them. They aim to remove obsoleteness, redundancy, and outdated practices and train common people and employees about cutting-edge healthcare services and products. Most importantly, they want to make services available at affordable rates.  

Bridging The Gap Between The Care Services And Need

AdventHelath envisions creating a seamless flow of healthcare services to the ones who need it the most. This mindset and philosophy drive every team member of AdventHealth. They support people at every stage of their healthcare journey.

Exceptional care

AdventHealth aims to provide exceptional services to the people. The team of AdventHealth is always there to assist people in their healing journey.

Advent Health Core Values

Advent Health core values symbolize what kind of work they want to provide, their unique ways of doing their work, and their expected result. Being one of the first medical centers in the US representing the Church, Advent Health has adopted values aiming at the betterment and well-being of both the people and the society.

In the following section, we have described the major values that every employee working at Advent Health follows from the depth of their heart.

·   Quality health services- Providing quality services with excellence and accuracy to get 100% success.

·   Stewardship- The company is driven by an approach to managing the resources.  

·   Community well-being– Working for the well-being of different communities worldwide whether it is the rich or the ones living in rural and tribal areas. Embracing new cultures and ideas with open arms ensures that they can provide equal services to all communities and people with different backgrounds.

·   Higher ethical standards- The organization focuses on providing the highest standard of health services. Integrity forms the core of our decision and action.

Inclusiveness– At Advent, the spirit of unity and having a unified approach reigns supreme. The company believes in providing the best health services irrespective of caste or culture.

AdventHealth has a universal approach to help people heal. They bring together the healthcare services along with spirituality and mental wellbeing.

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