Advaxis Mission and Vision Statements Analysis


Advaxis Inc. is one of the few corporations whose primary purpose is to find ways of fighting cancer. The mission and vision statements of this company explicitly indicate the role that technology and science play in the achievements of its objectives. A vision statement describes the future achievements of a firm.

In this case, Advaxis is all about innovative exploitation of science to come up with effective medicines. On the other hand, a mission statement highlights the main business of a company and the approaches it uses to reach its vision. Advaxis mission statement makes reference to its passion for improving the overall health of its patients. To succeed in this sensitive industry, Advaxis takes advantage of its three core values, accountability, integrity and collaboration, to ensure everyone is on board and focused on the achievement of its mission and vision.

Mission Statement

Advaxis mission statement is “we discover, develop and make better medicines through innovative sciences.” The statement shows that Advaxis willfully take up the responsibility of doing anything possible within its settings to find cures, and in this case for cancer. The mission statement comprises the following points:

  1. Discover and develop
  2. Improving health

The primary duty of Advaxis as shown in this mission statement is to exploit science and technology to create solutions for the cancer menace in the world today. For instance, the company has the Lm Technology™ which forms the foundation of its discovery.  The firm is already investigating various immunotherapies with a potential to attack specific types of cancer such as ADXS-PSA for prostate cancer and ADXS-HER2 for osteosarcoma. Through these tests, Advaxis has helped many patients whose testaments and stories shows its importance in improving the quality of life.

Vision Statement

Advaxis vision statement is “to develop cancer immunotherapies that teach the body to recognize tumors as a threat and do so in a way that minimizes side effects associated with traditional chemotherapy and radiation.” The vision is an emphasis on the commitment of this company to ease the burden of cancer.

The company has, therefore, been energetic in the advancement of its modern antigen delivery platform that minimizes demands for traditional methods of treatment. Through Lm Technology™ patients can fight cancer using their immune system.

Core values

Advaxis core values include “integrity, accountability, and collaboration.” Working to eliminate the burden of cancer is, without a doubt, a very complex and sensitive endeavor. However, the environment created by the three guiding principles adopted by Advaxis is ideal to achieve anything, including being successful in this fight.


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